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I'm cheap let's talk about it

02-12-2018, 09:12 AM
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usually i don't talk about prices, but in this case maybe can give my opinion.

imho, problem here is not the developers, but us... we hype a game, we pay demanded prices, we create stars from nothing, we follow fashions, like in many aspects of life as sports, arts, literature, etc.

maybe we don't pause a bit to think, but many times we buy things (games in this case) just to say "i have it too!" or "i must have it before others!"... that's the issue... so devs, producers, writers, etc know well how a consumer's mind works, they're not stupid, they're just selling their product at their convenience... we are the stupids here!

have you ever wondered why indie games like Binding of Isaac, just to name one, costs 15 bucks??? what does it have more than many others??? on the contrary, i think there's a lot of games out there that costs 2/4/6 bucks that are much better than BOI, but unfortunately the hype created on Steam forums, and spreading everywhere, has dictated the price on mobile, and if you want it before your neighbour/friend/forum mate at all costs, even if you didn't know anything about his release or it's never been your favorite genre, you must pay it what they want.

unfortunately has always been this way, we create stars, they're just selling a product... don't forget that!

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02-12-2018, 09:32 AM
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Being an older gamer I was used to buying games in the 80s often at £7.95 (before budget games arrived at £1.99 but many were hit or miss)

As a kid with not much pocket money I was saving all the time for these expensive games back then

Years later we have these expensive phones and amazing cheap games. When I first cant to iPhone gaming I was stunned how cheap games were. Even more shocked when £1.99 games came out and people begged for promo codes or waited for a sale ! Crazy

Yeah the price is high as a lot of people are used to 99c games many of which arenít great (not all of them)

Also a $15 game is a £15 game so itís nearly double the price for us Britís !

Personally think there should be a minimum price of $5 for all games but a bit like Android where you get your money back after a day if you want a refund.

I want to buy this but Iím not too keen on the controls. Nothing to do with the price. Still very tempted but Iím mr traditional platformer type of gamer !

02-15-2018, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by xmonalisax View Post
We ll see that it will be 4.99 within 3 months.. And Iím not as rich as you mr.richmaaaan be relax dont be depressed. U continue full prices okay
How do you know i'm rich ? I'm not. I could say you are, you can afford an expensive iphone yet you cant afford to buy a game ?

If we all wait for price drops then ALL games would turn to freemium hell as devs wouldnt make money. When games are so cheap i think we should support devs. I hope devs dont do price drops.

The more money devs make the more games we'll get. If they dont make money they'll move onto another platform
02-16-2018, 01:18 PM
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Max I spend on an iPad/iPhone game is £4.99.
1) because I'm on an older idevice
2) because you are playing a game on an inferior format with rubbish virtual buttons. Point in case Final Fantasy Tactics was 10 X better on the PS1.
*Though I did spend about £40 on the evil Clash Royale.
02-18-2018, 01:08 AM
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Sorry but what game are we even talking about here? Thread title just says someone's cheap, and then the content of that title just says to talk about it. How does anyone know what is being talked about here?
02-18-2018, 04:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Talbs View Post
Sorry but what game are we even talking about here? Thread title just says someone's cheap, and then the content of that title just says to talk about it. How does anyone know what is being talked about here?
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02-19-2018, 12:13 AM
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Gimme Premium games and Iím a happy camper! 👍 I HATE the Freemium type games! 👎 Iím not cheap, and I try not to be foolish with my money, but I can afford to get anything I want at this point in my life, and at the same time I see nothing wrong with trying to get the best deal I can with whatever Iím interested in! 😉
02-21-2018, 02:11 AM
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I guess I'm cheap too. At this point, I got a backlog of games for iOS, Android, Wii, and PC/Steam. So while I can afford to drop something like $30 a month on games, I have more games than I know what to do with. I have some exceptions that are "insta-buy", but they're far and few.

Another issue is nowadays, iOS games also have to compete with other forms of entertainment. Social media's still going strong, but the Switch is indeed making a comeback. AFAIK, some people are fed up enough about freemium on mobile that they're willing to drop $60 on a premium Mario or Zelda title, and they would STILL get an excellent value for their money. Me... I got Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii, used, for only $20, and given the 30 to 40 something hours I played it, it easily would've been worth the $60 MSRP.