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08-21-2014, 06:44 AM
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Maybe I'm just doing it wrong and someone can help me but all roads seem to lead to the line to the bunker, the two times I've survived the line, I die inside the bunker. Is that the end?
08-31-2014, 05:26 PM
Hmm..just opened my Twitter inbox and this is what I saw:

Hi there! Here's another code!

I already own this game, I'm not sure what all this means!

10-18-2014, 10:27 AM
Thanks for your interest in the game. Here are some suggestions on how to reach different endings:

The game basically has two different end locations. One is Fort Eisenhower and the other is a remote private shelter in the woods. Here are some things for you to try to get some different storylines:

1.Help Don on your way to the country. He'll tell you to tune into a radio frequency. Use the radio in Haggarsville or one offered by the police to hear Steve's message. Then, when near the stranded van or in front of the restaurant, you'll be able to join Steve and the others.

2. Get tech and help Morgan. If you have the tech skill and you bring Morgan from Haggarsville (i.e. help Dan Kelly) you can talk to Ned in the cabin and go with him in his chopper. With binoculars, it should be possible to reach the remote shelter.

3. If you reach fort eisenhower with TWO good companions, you can spark a community of survivors.

4. Have Steve's laptop or Kirk's cell phone when you spark the community in Fort Eisenhower. It will offer additional closure.

Anyhow, those four tips should expose you to more storyline. Let me know if you want more help

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10-23-2014, 03:48 PM
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Gosh I hope this latest update message doesn't mean the game I paid $2 for yesterday is now paid-freemium. Because if so, that really, really sucks.

Banner ads and life timers for a $2 game unless you pay $3 more? And no note in the primary description? Sketch as hell.

Edit: it's apparently free now and the app trackers hadn't caught up (and App Store doesn't show you prices on stuff you already own).

Still sketch as hell. Other devs start a new app and usually give you free IAP to paid if the previous app is on the system. "Upgrading" paid users to freemium is a terrible practice.

Hope Apple refunds.

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10-24-2014, 01:31 AM
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Yeah... I got the game from a promo code, and updating the game changed it to a freemium.

Feel sorry to those who bought the game and now are asked to pay to unlock again.

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10-24-2014, 05:48 AM
I got this game a while back. I don't mind not getting new features, but adding life timers and ads to a paid game is breaking the functionality of the product as purchased.

The way this was handled was unethical. A better option would have been to create a new Universal App with Ipad support and the Freemium model, while allowing existing users to keep the functionality they purchased.

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10-24-2014, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
Yeah... I got the game from a promo code, and updating the game changed it to a freemium.

Feel sorry to those who bought the game and now are asked to pay to unlock again.
If you paid for Color before, you'd be good. He just folded pretty much the entire game into the Color upgrade.

My guess is one of the things the dev couldn't figure out (he said on Reddit he had issues figuring out how to transition existing customers) was how to preserve people's IAP upgrades into a new app. I think Galaxy on Fire set the standard here with their HD re-releases: you look for the presence of the prior app on the device, and just make an assumption they probably bought the upgrade and unlock it for them in the new app.

Alternately, you go through the logic of "well, they already paid $2 so I'll just give them that last $1 for free for being a loyal supporter" or "...because I can't figure out anything better that's not screwing them" or whatever makes sense for your developer skill level and conscience.

Funny thing was, the banner ads weren't even running. What was there was a ginormous "Freebie Edition" banner across the top of the screen as I was trying to play. Talk about insult to injury. And the life timers kill the game, given that one of the known narrative issues with it is really arbitrary death endings around several sequences (helicopter, primarily).

Apple refunded, btw. I urge anyone who bought anywhere near at all recently to request one. This sort of BS has to be slapped.

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03-08-2015, 02:58 AM
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Very nice game! Will pretty sure give a five stars rating, and am likely to purchase the prequel sequel when it comes out :-) The game atmosphere is wonderful; only the occasional typo ("marshall law") slightly spoils the mood...
I've been exploring the game world quite a bit now, but I can't seem to find / understand some things that are hinted at. Maybe someone can help me with the last open items? Some of my questions might also reveal story elements, so beware of spoilers, sort of...

Do the achievements represent all possible endings? I got all of them except "Wasteland Marauders" - how do I get there?
What are the pain pills for? I can get them killing the Kellys, and apparently Private Jakes also got some. But how / where do I use them?
Is there anything useful I can report to the officer at Ft. Eisenhower in the shelter? I can tell him a lot about my adventures, but none of it seems to change anything.
Are the binoculars useful for anything beyond spotting the nuclear shelter?
What's up with the blonde guy in the wastes, protecting his nose and mouth with a bandana? I can meet him in two different ways (leaving Jeff Decker; and sniping for Steve), but I don't manage to interact in any useful way.

Any help is welcome - thanks!