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Future of mobile games?

06-25-2013, 04:00 AM
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Well the articles i've read the last 9 months or so have constantly been criticising Apple for not changing much recently and becoming stale. They expected bigger things last year and it was much the same.

This year with a brand new iOS look and feel thats a step in the right direction. External controllers are great, they need to announce bigger sized devices all round. In the old days games were a tiny file size, now theyre getting bigger and bigger (AAA type titles).

Looking forward to hearing what Apple does in Sept/Oct time
06-25-2013, 04:32 AM
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Funny thing is as much as we all curse IAPs and F2P games they are "echelons" that drive this market forward , boost sales and help keeping iOS on first place in any graph and study conducted so far.
Obviosly developers always turn first to market which is more popular, wide spread and has more money to spare, not to mention it is relatively easy to get into it.Apple is far from boring currently, they are spreading all around market which is awesome because they got so much popularity and a huge loyal customer base now that it's mostly guaranteed they will succeed in anything they're launching.Launching more diverse products means even more popularity for Apple and in succession also more popularity for iOS development overall.

Will licensed gaming controller change things in App Store ?
Yes and no.
Yes because gamers will now have licensed controller that works with every game and their iOS device paired up with bigger screen will give them more immersion and it will be more fun to play games with friends/ family, no more headaches to to configure all controls for every game for 3rd party controllers.
No because ultimately games need to be made primary with touch base controls in mind.I have read from some developers diaries they aren't porting their games to iOS just because players can't get same game immersion out of touch controls as their buttons counterpart.With licensed controllers we unfortunately won't bridge this gap though as most people still won't buy controllers.

What will be the future of gaming on iOS ?
Future is very bright for iOS gaming, as long as Apple keeps it's popularity and demand for devices up.Developers have been experimenting with bringing popular AAA games from PC and consoles to App Store and pricing it at upper price range.I haven't seen any sales and income graphs, but from what I've seen out of App Store they sold a lot of digital copies.
You can't denie that iOS devices aren't directly competing with other handheld devices and influencing overall handheld/ their games sales graphs.iOS was before always about a more simple games and that's why handhelds always ruled hardcore gamers market segment in this part.Now that developers are shifting to releasing premium games for iOS with higher price iOS is much closer to terminating other handheld devices and games sales.Handhelds ( namely 3DS that holds majority of handheld market ) are still alive only because of popular games exclusives, but we will see how long they an keep up with iOS taking their sales share slowly.Huge advantage iOS has is sheer amount of people in
marketplace,with that in mind developers don't need to pump up price in sky because it's more than positive any popular port game released on App Store will have huge number of downloads and smaller price here can recuperate for any development costs, even more taking in factor that price of port is smaller here than on any other handheld/consoles makes them even more tempting.

I have closely watched an read about all upcoming iOS games , there is so much awesome console quality games coming.Just from Kickstarter there are 3-4 very promising games that will be instant hits and coming soon, games like Forgotten Memories,LSL , Shadowrun Returns, Oceanhorn are all handheld and console quality games.Now with Square Enix and Microsoft orienting more to iOS and planning to release console quality games and ports it will get better, much better.I predict a huge influx of premium games and their sales in near future.
06-25-2013, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Aventador View Post
Now with Square Enix and Microsoft orienting more to iOS and planning to release console quality games and ports it will get better, much better.I predict a huge influx of premium games and their sales in near future.
Agree with that. I think we badly need larger 128 gb devices all round as i can imagine there'll be many more AAA style games.
06-25-2013, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
Change is good. If Apple became stale then it would lose its foothold for innovation. They didnt become one of the biggest companies ever by not changing.

If anything they need more change as last year people were expecting more and they didnt really live up to their high expectations. I'm hoping to hear about more powerful devices in Sept/Oct, bigger storage is needed for sure.

Android is a huge rival at the moment, if Apple didnt change and lost lots of potential people who bought Android devices instead then its bad for all of us as eventually there'll be less and less games as devs create Android games instead.
Well, Apple DOES seem to be losing its foothold in terms of innovation! That's why Samsung has risen to the top now with their new superior hardware and they are kicking ass and taking no prisoners! Apple seems to have (temporarily, at least) lost it's way/direction, and while snoozing, Samsung has totally leap-frogged over it and that's where the new better stuff is coming from now! And that's Android, my friends! The Play store is happening these days, although they're still growing, but rapidly, and it has much potential! Droidgamers is growing and TA acknowledged that by adding Android news, etc. With everyone getting smartphones now, more and more gamers are coming into the fold and gaming in general is swinging towards the mobile arena. All these new consoles are doing now is trying to be everything to everybody (intergrating social networking and new device to new device compatibility and functionality) for one and actually not taking gaming itself to to the next level much, which is gonna shoot itself in the foot IMO. Seems these days console gaming is getting stale with everything being FPS's in some war scenarios and that's it! Mobile gamers have the full gamut of types of new games to play constantly coming every week! Big companies are struggling to come up with blockbuster titles and are merging together, one buying the other with gamers losing out because less good games are coming out. I believe the future of gaming is definitely mobile. Small device in you pocket having everything you want with no extra software to lug around is ideal. I love the way it's evolved, totally geared to life on the go! And if you want to play on a big screen with your hand held device these days, you can do that too, so who needs these big expensive consoles and their $60 apiece software? Bang for your buck goes to the mobile gamer, for sure! I know super hard-core gamers don't wanna hear it, but there are so many more casual gamers out there numbers wise, and in the end mobile gaming will be king. As for more storage, Apple finally busted loose with the 128GB iPad, which I now have, but I don't expect them to increase that for a few years at least now. Maybe the iPhone and iPods may get the bump up next, though. Hey, who knows? I'm not a psychic, if I was, I'd be filthy rich by now, right?
06-26-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by sindyan View Post
What do you think there is the future of mobile gaming? Do you think apple game controller standard will change the direction?

You have the flood of social games (I can't stand), and lately card battling social games. You have the temple run clones or remixes. Is this the future of mobile gaming social games and copies of hits?
you are gonna see a serious in flux of social games this year, as already noted by pocketgamer.biz the free way is going to be the defacto way of doing business in the app store, this means we will be seeing a huge amount of social games.
In terms of originality you will still have one off hits but the more i speak to devs and small studios ( i own one) the more its becoming about acquiring users and then making money off them slowly, this means that social games are going to have a significant impact in the future of gaming. Although i prefer normal stand alone games the market itself seems to have moved onto social games.