App description: Choose among 9 characters to experience a new take on Match-3 and Puzzle-RPG mash up!


"Swoc: Of Swords and Blocks is a lot better than it looks; I've been enjoying it" - TouchArcade forums - Forums Game of the Week (May 1st)
"The replay value is high and most importantly, the gameplay is unique and fun." - Games in Asia - 4/5
"I just had to tell myself to stop playing and write about it four times in a row" - PocketGamer - 7/10 - Bronze Award
"A fresh variation Match3 and RPG ingredients in the sympathetic retro garment." - - 3.5/5
"These gameplay features add a huge strategic element to the game, making it really hard to put down." - Touch Tap Play
"Its simple, but addictive, and has you scanning the whole board constantly looking for good matches and trying to inch your character closer to the bad guys." - Pocket Tactics


You are not only playing with the board of tiles, you are exploring the board itself! Every time you match 3 identical items, all the characters on the board might move and face each other.
Every fighter will get power boosts or downgrades according to the items you match: the game is under your control!


Every character and every boss has a unique ability that will bend the rules of the match-3 games you all know.
Some bosses might even trick you and play instead of you!


Play gently on the same device, one after the other or fall to the finger berserk swiping. Simultaneous swipes handled. Ideal game to challenge your more casual friends, because it looks as simple as any match-3 game they know...
10-15-2014, 10:57 AM
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How long does it take to finish the game? Is there a max level for a character?

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10-16-2014, 01:13 AM
Originally Posted by Card View Post
How long does it take to finish the game? Is there a max level for a character?
there is no max level, nor end to the game. It's a kind of endless flow of stronger ennemies until you make a mistake and die.
The top players on leaderboards manage to pass 2000 points, which is around 45 minutes of play. But to be honest, you might see most of the content of the game and unlock all characters with several games around 1000 points.

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10-19-2014, 10:41 PM
Wonderful game, very nice extension of the core Scallywag gameplay. Found a of bug for you, screen shot attached.
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10-19-2014, 10:45 PM
Found this logic bug as well. There are no valid moves left, yet the board wouldn't reset itself. Turns out the Abomination has a valid move next to him (the purple scroll), but since he is immovable, you can't actually make the move. Had to quit the level, sadly. Still loving the game!
10-20-2014, 02:43 AM
Ho, right, these two bugs can be fixed easily I think, I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback!
10-31-2014, 06:07 AM
Version 2.0.5 is now available, with crash/stalemate fixes of the problems mentioned above.

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11-10-2014, 03:24 PM
More bugs

Thanks very much for the update, both of those bugs are fixed now. Did find two more bugs for you:

1) Killed a monster (below me at the time). Grabbed quest exclamation point to the right of my new position (swiped right to left). Tiles began moving as normal to fill in, perhaps making more than one match, then stopped leaving 2 empty/blank tiles. Monsters were still behaving normally (sort of bouncing/moving in their squares) but I could not swap any tiles to continue game play.

2) Made one last move before the monster beside me was going to kill me (I think it was a skeleton). Monster killed me, game over screen was very quickly followed by this error, followed by the program crashing.
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12-04-2014, 04:36 AM
Thanks for the reports again.
I'm sorry there still are issues here and there, and I realize how frustrating it can be to lose a good game because of a crash. I'll try to fix it as soon as I find those bugs

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