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05-20-2013, 04:42 PM
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found two games in the appstore one with this name, and another that just says Vampire Slasher. One is free and the other costs money. It is the usual one comes with IAP goodies and the other without?

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05-20-2013, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Amenbrother View Post
Hmmm so I shouldnt take what he said as this is a good game???
Iv had fun with this, its a nice challenge and if you like the playstyle at all you will keep playing. Its free so just try it and play a few levels.
05-24-2013, 05:00 PM
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KTH has made some great games (Wild Frontiers) so their move towards freemium is regrettable but Vampire Slashers seems palatable for a F2P game. I gave Vampire Slashers a try and found some of the freemium trappings worked to it’s advantage in that it was more challenging and there are tons up unlockables/upgrades.

Vampire Slahers requires an internet connection to start a game, which is usually a deal breaker for me, but at least once started you can roam offline. On signing in there are terms of use and a privacy policy suggesting personal information may be collected (why?) that you have to acknowledge; this also seems weird but at least it doesn’t seem to persistently report online after launch.

Vampire Slashers is a side scroller tower defense game that stand outs in that you get to control a vampire hero character out to bash some zombies with various special abilities. This parallels Paladog or some of the Cartoon War games and control over a central character feels a lot more immersive. The plot set up doesn't seem very compelling because it feels vague but there is a are really cool cartoonish set-up and as far as video games go it's just an excuse to get to the mayhem. One thing that stands out about Vampire Slashers is the polished art design. At times it feels like playing an anime cartoon. I just wish the graphics were in non-blurry Retina. There are a lot of character customization options including 12 unlockable and upgradeable skills (you can equip 6 skills at a time) along with 18 mercenary units that fit independently by your side (up to 4 types can join you). Additionally there is a talent tree with 26 passive buffs you can acquire and boost on level up (after level 5) and equipment options. The minions automatically generate and march towards the enemy tower/crystal. Initially the hero vampire character seems to move agonizingly slow (which might make sense given his vampire nature) but with the pace of combat it’s easy to get use to.
One satisfying thing about the game play is the sense of a grueling stand-off. When your playable vampires health depletes there is a brief timer while the vampire automatically revives with full health/mana. This means that even if you’re facing an onslaught of overpowered foes you still keep a dog in the fight by regenerating and coming back to try to halt their progress. Crystal/towers also sometimes have defensive structures that act as turrets cutting down enemy troops. Battles can often feel epic. The endless waves of enemies can be overwhelming and while I find this rewarding and challenging it may be designed to push IAP.

Some levels have a unique design in that they are survival based or require you reach a certain body count instead of just smashing the enemies’ tower. Dungeon levels (unlocked after character levels to 20) have a semi-permadeath option that makes you start over on dying; which is a nice twist from the usual respawn on death featured elsewhere in Vampire Slashers. I wish the Dungeon options unlocked sooner than level 20 because it's a nice option for variety. There’s a good amount of loot but not very early on and it takes some grinding to really advance your character.

Good: Challenging, unique/varied levels, detailed customization, art design, boss battles
Bad: Non-Retaina graphics, IAP model, requires internet connection, time sink, grinding

Overall I’d give it a 3/5; better than I expected but grinding that although satisfying is also time consuming and not for everyone.
05-25-2013, 07:36 PM
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Vampire Slasher is a top notch freemium game in my opinion and it is very fun to play. The goal of the game is to control your vampire slasher and your mercenaries to defeat the vampire enemies. It has a very tower defense feel to it as you have to defeat the enemies blood crystal which keeps produces the enemies. The controls are very simple, you control your character with a virtual joystick and you tap on your various spells to attack your enemies. It automatically targets your enemies for you, this is both a positive and a negative. At times I felt like I wanted to target the vampires blood crystal to try and destroy it but it would target an enemy that my mercenaries were already close to defeating. Still the auto-targeting allows for easier controls and more fast paced action. In games like this it is important to have some sort of a progression feel and Vampire Slasher handles this wonderfully. Your character upgrades in level as you progress and you earn new spells, new mercenaries, and new upgrades. This is where the freemium side comes into play. Unfortunately all of these things costs coins, coins can be collected within the game at no cost but it will require grinding to get a lot of coins to purchase some of these upgrades. But what do you expect the game is free so to make it a paid game buy some coins and purchase those upgrades you want. It's all up to you to grind it out or buy coins as if it was a paid game. I like those choices! The game also features two modes; stage and dungeon. The stage mode lets you fight in 80 stages in 6 different worlds. This allows for a story like adventure and a fun way to progress through the game. Dungeon mode unlocks at level 20 for some extra fun when you most likely have beaten most of the stages. You can also customize your vampire slasher with different items just like in an RPG. There are hats, gloves, boots, rings, and weapons for example. One thing that really separates this game is the music. For me that extra time spent on the small things in games like the music really win me over. Vampire Slasher has such rich music that really gets you into the game. The music is fast paced and up beat and goes perfectly with the vampire theme. The artwork in the game is also fantastically done. The graphics could use a retina display upgrade but the artwork looks all handdrawn and you can tell the amount of work put into it. Overall Vampire Slasher is a fantastic RPG-TD freemium game that really hooks you in! You want to keep progressing and unlocking skills and spells. Yes some grinding may be involved if you want to play for free but KTH gives you that option to play for free or to pay for coins which I think is a great move. Overall I give this game a 4/5 stars and highly recommend you giving it a download! It's FREE so why not try it out and see for yourself!
05-27-2013, 06:00 AM
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I wasn't here (TouchArcade) for some time...

Well, while going through your posts I thought it is necessary to write something about this game.

I've found Vampire Slasher today by coincidence, and as I always have, thought to check it and immediately remove (you know, I usually have this feeling that particular game will just suck balls). And to my surprise, I found this game very amusing and pleasant to play.

Although the game basics look simple, they develop in time. Mastering all the skills, choosing proper/suitable talents, dodging enemies' attacks - surely I wouldn't say this is so 'simple'. Certainly, it is not a game like League of Legends, Defense of the Ancients etc... but as an old veteran of Warcraft III and World of Warcraft, I find this specific 'gem' interesting and valuable.

Additionally, as an Otaku (or maybe it is sufficient to say 'anime/manga lover') it is even more cool to play such game which possesses characteristics of anime/manga style.

Works brilliantly on iPhone 3Gs, iOS 5, and that's enough...

The only things I would change a bit / I didn't like are:
- font (the game menu looks fine, but the font, at least in my opinion, looks weird and doesn't suit general appearance)
- images of characters (these should be sharper, Retina support nowadays is very important - yeah, even on iPhone 3Gs some things look blurry)
I've just started playing so can't write anything else right now... if I find something, I'll edit it.

Anyway, the game is FREE so I don't know why shouldn't you try it yourself. In my case, I just found another battery-drainer

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