App description: Welcome to Manyland, an open universe we invent and live together!

"***** A WONDERFUL game, so fun to explore, build, interact, and create ART. Such a variety of things in this world to do, including things like player-made 'roller coasters' that take you for a ride!" -Joshua C

"***** Fantastic" -Maria De Padua

"***** The only downside is that it can be very addicting!" -Tim McDonald

"I love the game ... It is an entire universe to explore, in constant change and full of possibility!" -Diogo

"Exploring the world is a blast" -Massively

"The most exciting game I've played so far mainly because of its freedom to shape your world." -Cosmin

In an infinite, shared world of abundance, we create new things by drawing them, build new places of any kind, hang out and chat, throw around stuff, shape our own appearances, collect what we like and provide what's needed, make music, party, go swim, enjoy, jump n' run, take care of the world, do sports, come up with puzzles, explore... and have a lot of fun together in ways none of us can predict.

Manyland is a massive multicitizen world so will require a good internet connection. Over 5 million blocks have been placed by all of us so far, and we're waiting for you to join us and make history! If there's anything, please let us know at

Philipp's comments:
We're two indie devs and a growing community of manyzens inventing a whole universe together... with total freedom to shape every pixel in it, including your houses, oceans, bodies, vehicles and everything you see! Love to see you in the world and hear your thoughts, as we constantly update things with new features and optimizations. Over a million blocks placed by all of you!

Here's some of the things you can do in Manyland:

A video:
10-20-2014, 05:18 PM
We just had an event where we picked 5 random words from Wordbot, then created a new area based on them in under one hour! The words: POLAR VIEWPOINT PURITY ALPHABET TROOPS

Youtube link | Pop Up

See you in Manyland, an infinite 2d sandbox mmo we all draw together!

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