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06-21-2014, 03:18 AM
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Update: Finished the game. All Worlds (1-4) Easy and Hard Modes. As with World 3, in World 4, I feel that many of the puzzles are less "tightly" designed. Increasing use of red herrings such as unused tiles (including unused teleporters, pressure plates etc.), is a distraction from the otherwise elegant solutions in many levels. It makes the game unnecessarily difficult in a bad way because you can no longer rely on the fact that "nearly" very tile is used in some useful way when constructing your paths. Even the game's final (presumably most difficult) level can be solved with 5 unused tiles... Also, what is the meaning of this secret code I was given at the end of the game? What do I do with this code?


On World 3 Hard Mode...

There is an odd change in the difficulty and elegance of the puzzles in this world compared to World 1 and World 2. Again, many of the puzzles in this world are truly brilliantly designed, with some very clever and "out-of-the-box" thinking required.

However, I am also seeing many puzzles that are "less" tightly designed in this world as compared to the previous worlds. By this, I mean many of them have multiple paths to solve them. This is not necessary bad, perhaps even by design. Yet, many of them are just trivial variants because certain tiles are allocated in ways to permit these trivial alternative paths. Why aren't these tiles simply blocked off to remove the trivial variants? If the intent is to have multiple solutions, then make the puzzles in ways so that truly different paths are used.

I am also disappointed by the game's increasing use of red herrings: putting in lots of seemingly usable tiles that have no use whatsoever. There are too many levels where these distractions exist. While it may be true that I simply located a few "better" solutions, I don't think this is the case. Red herrings are bad, as they muddle the elegance of the puzzle itself. The creator should have enough confidence of the game's solid puzzle design such that there is no need to add in these "artificial" filler to try to make the puzzles more difficult. This is especially true for the turtles. Why is there an overabundance of turtles in so many levels, especially in locations where they are clearly useless? Similarly, why are there so many levels with unused tiles? Are they again just being used as red herrings?

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