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iPad: Star Admiral is an MMO/TCG for your Smartphone and Tablet ...with 3D Spaceships!

08-02-2013, 07:50 AM
Star Admiral is an MMO/TCG for your Smartphone and Tablet ...with 3D Spaceships!

Hardscore Games announces Star Admiral: A competitive and deeply strategic game that aims to set a new standard for mobile gaming.

Check out our teaser here!

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Star Admiral takes trading card games to light speed with its 3D Graphics, fast paced PvP duels and epic tournaments. “With Star Admiral we want to create a new kind of mobile game; one that is made for players who love deep and challenging gameplay” said Felix Buchwald, founder of Hardscore Games. “We put a lot of emphasis on creating a mobile game that appeals to passionate gamers who usually play PC or Console Games.”

This is Star Admiral:
Build an Epic fleet!
Designed by gamers for gamers.
Mobile gaming exclusive.
Fast paced and highly strategic.
Competitive PvP battles and tournaments
3D Graphics
Free 2 win
Strong community focus

Star Admiral drops the cards from the trading card format and lets the player collect kick-ass 3D spaceships. The player builds a massive fleet from a collection of 17 different races with over a hundred varieties of spacecraft to command, cunning traps to arm and deadly strike teams to unleash. Instead of flailing away with a rusty longsword, the player can blast their enemies with powerful lasers, sabotage the enemy’s forces or even open up an artificial black hole and devastate the battlefield! The player must choose their tactics wisely and lead their fleet to victory so they can rise up to the rank of Star Admiral.

Hardscore Games
Visit us at: http://www.staradmiral.com/
and: www.facebook.com/staradmiralgame
08-13-2013, 07:57 AM
Some more images from the game

I'd like to show you some renders of our spaceships. These give you all the information about the ships, their stats and abilities. So kind of like a card in a traditional trading card game.

08-14-2013, 02:58 AM
I like the graphics in your game!