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The game divides the screen into two sections via a white line, the shapes that appear to be pulsating are the ones you can rotate by tapping on them. Avoid having the same color in two places on one side of the white line so that the colors are equally distributed on both sides.

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"Like guided meditation with geometry and colors. Nice music too. Very well designed! Kudos programmers and all the techs who did this, it's a work of art." -- pacellllll

"I find this app completely bypasses my logical brain and puts me in a relaxed creative state. Thank you!" -- CykloFreddie

I love this app, is amazing to clean the mind, is like if you make the balance inside of yourself and on the game. -- luxmonterouse

Ambiguous instructions, yes, but if you stick with it, the point becomes intuitive, and strangely satisfying. Meditative. An instant favorite. -- Angiegreenthumbd

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"Taijitu is a very interesting game." -- Games In Asia 9.5/10
"Its a great-looking and fun winding-down game" -- Cult Of Mac 4/5

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Inspired by the Chinese mythology of Yin and Yang. Taijitu is a puzzle game about balance and harmony. The goal is to interchange shapes colour and make the colour balance on each side. The white line separate each different world by top and bottom or left and right. This puzzle game combine the art of geometry with beautiful transitions and ambient music. Plug in your earphones and enjoy the experience.

About "Yin Yang"
In Chinese culture, Yin and Yang represent the two opposite principles in nature. "Yin" characterizes the feminine or negative nature of things and "Yang" stands for the masculine or positive side. Yin and Yang are in pairs, such as the moon and the sun, female and male, dark and bright, cold and hot, passive and active, etc. But Yin and Yang are not static or just two separated things. The nature of Yin Yang lies in interchange and interplay of the two components. The alternation of day and night is such an example.
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Buying 😃
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Buying 😃
I hoped you would haha. I'm not getting a sense of the gameplay but the art is fantastic enough to pique my interest alone. Let us know how it is - Daily iOS Roundups and Multi-Platform Reviews.
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Hard to get it by looking at those screenshots. I'll look for a video later.
02-28-2014, 04:38 AM
The initial few puzzles and text instruction need so e tweaking, they have obviously been translated and it's rather vague so I kind if had to figure it out myself, which I think I've done so, I'm at level 20 now, there's 100 altogether divided into four chapters.
There a various shapes of various colours placed over the screen, the aim is to make each side if the screen balanced, this done by tapping shapes which will then either swap colours with another shape or swap places with another shape, from what I can gather no two same colours can be on the same side of the screen. There's not much challenge to the levels I've played so far as the tap able areas are limited so there's not much chance of going wrong, however the game gives the impression it's gonna rank up a bit in the next chapter.
The music is japeneseish and adds to the tranquil style of the game, I'd say this probably won't appeal to the masses but if you enjoy kami, colour zen or harmony then you'll enjoy this, it's going alongside the other relaxing puzzlers for when I want to unwind.

I'll come back and edit once I figure out the rules for def.