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Default Pretty Puzzlers

Hello. Just looking to start a thread on the puzzle genre in iOS gaming. A few of my faves are World of Goo, Osmos, and Contre-Jour. These puzzlers have it all: great soundtrack, gorgeous visuals, good utilization of the touch format, and they are creative and original. So, I was wondering if anyone else with similar standards would care to comment on a few of their favorites in the puzzle genre.
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I'm also a fan of highly polished puzzlers
There's already a puzzler thread on TA but it's very outdated and mainly contains very basic puzzle games from 2007.

The new wave of puzzlers is what I really enjoy, especially the ones with unique gameplay and innovative ideas.

Some of my favorites:

World of goo - always been my ultimate favourite, there has never been a game to top it. Unbelievably creative and innovative. I pray everyday for a sequel lol.
But until then, here are some games with similar building mechanic-

Moonlights (similar mechanic to WOG)
Construction zone HD (also similar to WOG)
Bridge odysee (WOG)
Simple physics (WOG)
Cargo bridge (WOG)
Tiki towers (WOG)

Other casual, gorgeous puzzlers I adore:

U= unique, innovative gameplay
F= enjoyed it so much, I Finished the game
M= Must have

Joining hands - U F
Bag it! U F
Where's my Water U F M
Monsters ate my condo U F M
Grooh U F
Drag the rope U F (currently free)
Zen puzzle garden F
TwinGo U F M
Monster Flip F
Trundle U
Coco Loco U F M
Home sheep home 2 & 1 U F M
Light the Flower U F M
Sploosh U F
Iblast moki 2 U F M
Monster island U
Happy hills U F M
Droopy blocks U F
Shadow move U F M (currently free)
Finger balance U F
Foodies U
Jump out! U F
Catch the candy U F
Greedy spiders U F
Karoshi U
cut the rope U F M
Beyond ynth U M
Max and the magic marker U F M
Cart cow U
Droplem U F
Vikings slice U F
Smoody F
Cover orange U F M
Slice it
Blueprint 3d HD U F
Sprinkle U
Ragdoll blaster 3, 2 & 1
Fantastic contraptions 1 & 2 U
Light it F
Toast the chicken U
Feed me oil U
Dimo eggs F
Gelato mania F
Icecream mania F
Contre jour U F M
Saving private sheep F
Farm break F
Sheepernova U F
Save yami
Rolling kongs U
Denki blocks U
Rope rescue U
Aiko island
Rinth island
Caseys contraption
Kami retro
Scribblenauts U F M
Critter chaos U
Save the pencil
Windosill U F
Feed the head U F
Puddle puzzles U F
Munchies lunch U
Zen bound 2 U F M
Tiki totems 1, 2, & 3 F
Hungry turtle
Red ball 3 F
Triple town U F M (free)
Firefly hero F
Juice belts U F M
Bad apples F (free)
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Hey thanks for that reply and for the suggestions. I'll take them all seriously seeing as we both agree on the best game yet to date. I too wish for a sequel to GOO. There hasn't been anything like it since. It's such a well written game.
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Thanks that was an awesome list. Some of those I haven't even heard of.
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As far as puzzlers go, I suppose the one characteristic that makes it good me is the amount of challenge it offers. With that in mind, my top 3 are:

1. Trainyard ( I can't believe it's not there in the long list above )
2. Toki Tori ( I can't believe it's not there in the long list above )
3. Iced In

Some other good casual puzzlers:
Boxed in 1, 2 and 3,
Helsing's Fire. (Again I don't believe this is not there in the above list. It's mother of everything unique)
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Challenging "get from point A to point B" block-based puzzlers :

Kiko : The Last Totem
Blue Block
Chubby Bunny
Puzzling Penguin 2
Penguin Patrol

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Lume HD, excellent game

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Default Two outstanding games...

@Snozberry et al...

Thanks for this list! If I may I'd like to add two more puzzlers which I consider outstanding in the genre. Both are serious, elegant and extremely challenging:

English Country Tune

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Im sure these have already been covered in Snozberry's excellent, detailed list (thanks a lot btw, i haven't heard of many of them and will check them out) but these are my favourite polished puzzlers

Cut the Rope + Experiments
Contre Jour
Sprinkle (dont know if this can be classified as a puzzle game?)
Feed Me Oil
House of Mice
Jump Out
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I usually avoid freebies.. But recently I picked up Penguin patrol (free ad supported version, or 99c for full version)
And it's actually brilliant, Its in my top 5 favorites.
Alot of penguin puzzle games are great:

Penguin patrol
Penguin frenzy (other then the bugs game loft won't fix!)
Greedy penguins
Puzzling penguins 2

Definitely try Penguin patrol.. Just turn wifi off because the ads are annoying.
I've finished all the levels over the past couple of days but now I want to go back and 3 star them all. Heaps of new elements are added.. Different penguins and different floor tiles.. It's kinda like chubby bunny, because the floor collapses after standing on regular ice, but you have to save penguins to complete the level. Really cute graphics & music too.
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