App description: BATTLE, COLLECT and EVOLVE AWESOME MONSTERS! Conquer evil and create your own legacy!

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Capture wild Monsters and evolve them into epic new forms! Become the ultimate champion and top the world leaderboard in the PvP Arena! Train your Monsters to endure battle with friend and foe, and defeat the Evil Lord Ardur! Explore treacherous dungeons and solve testing puzzles in extraordinary locations, filled with endless challenges!

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A gorgeous isometric-ish world Pocket Gamer
A well thought out and immersive game Pocket Lint
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- Battle fellow Keepers in the PvP arena and top the world leaderboard!
- Tackle over 400 quests in more than 20 incredible locations!
- Collect and evolve countless iconic Monsters!
- Explore the mythical world of Arborea in stunning HD!
- Master awesome magical attacks to become victorious!
- Hours of gameplay and regular new content!

Network connection is required.

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killercow's comments:

03-27-2014, 06:21 PM
I really liked the look of this.
But, I don't like how it needs an constant internet connection.
03-30-2014, 06:06 AM
It looks like it also fell into the curse of the "whoops, we underestimated our player base and made things too easy in the first week" game, so they patched it to tweak with things.

The problem seems to be that they boosted all the creatures in the wild, but none of the monsters you'd captured previously. So any monster you have in your party is at least 10 points weaker in every stat than one you could get if you go back to the exact same place and catch the same monster you found two or three days ago.

It doesn't seem to apply to your "starter" monster or the others you can buy for gems, but it's still enough of a buzzkill that I've mostly lost interest. Just doing the 'farmville' aspects of it so I'll have a large collection of traps and potions if it gets fixed (or if I decide to throw out pretty much my entire collection of monsters and start over).
03-30-2014, 09:16 AM
Wow thanks for the heads up. Effectively makes all your time invested a waste since you'll always be a step behind the buffed monsters. No excuse... I thought they had a soft launch or beta to test player progression?

I'll do the same and wait for a fix. There's a guy on their Facebook page who brought it up but he says is posts are getting deleted.

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