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Arise, lowly skeleton, and rescue the Princess from the Dark Lord's castle!

You are a nameless skeleton in the Dark Lord's army. After a chance encounter with the Princess, who was abducted to become the dreaded Dark Lord's wife, you found yourself setting her free. Guide the Princess from the shadows in Skeleton Form, switching to Hero Form when it's time to mount a gallant offense! Can you spring the Princess from the castle?

The Game
Aid the Princess in her flight from the Dark Lord's castle, guarding her from traps and enemies as you strike an artful balance between both Skeleton and Hero Forms--each boasting a palette of unique abilities and traits. Can you safely guide your royal counterpart to the flower at the end of each area? Succeed, and the fairytale will further unfold!

Deep gameplay and whimsical storytelling come together in a resplendent production you can pick up and play--as well as save and stop--anytime you please! Equal parts action and puzzle, a new kind of fairytale awaits you!

The Story
Once upon a time, the Princess of a faraway land ruled in tranquility--until she was kidnapped by the scheming Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord was bent on making the unwilling Princess his bride. Locking her away in his castle, he ordered a skeleton to keep a stern watch over his prize. The docile henchmen kept to his orders... at least at first.

The weeping beauty before the skeleton conjured strange feelings. Yes, he wanted to return the Princess to her former life, away from the Dark Lord's marital machinations! And so it was the lowly skeleton betrayed his master and set the Princess free.

But can the pair make it out of the castle in one piece? Our story begins...

biokid's comments:

This game was released awhile back on PS Vita. In addition, this version is legit, because it was developed by the same developer.

Confirmation from Capsule Computers:

This is a (mega) bargain, because in Australia this game would cost you $21.95 (AUD) on PSN.
12-08-2013, 11:37 AM
I like the art style but is the gameplay actually good/polished? It looks like something I'd like.
12-08-2013, 01:27 PM
File size?

12-08-2013, 01:47 PM
99c, universal, no IAPs, 3 pages of people only praising it. Is there any doubt about it?

The controls are as good as controls on touchscreen can be.

File size is 106MB when installed.
12-08-2013, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by PeteOzzy View Post
I'm very tempted with this but I find platforming games to be very hit and miss with me, are there any existing games this plays similarly to?
Limbo with a little bit of Lemmings.
12-08-2013, 05:54 PM
I don't normally go for games like this, but after reading so many favourable things in this thread about this game, I decided to take the plunge. Something tells me that I made a very wise decision to do so.
12-08-2013, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
The games great. there's gameplay videos to watch. Lots if positive comments here as well. I mean the games a dollar, go on people take this 'gamble' !
Normally I'd totally agree with you, but it's not about the price for me - it's the genre. I absolutely love Limbo, Rico, Frogatto, Icycle and plenty of others. At the same time, I found nothing to enjoy in some other very well-received platformers that have been recommended in their respective forums. My backlog is ridiculous so I just like making sure something is my cup if tea before I dive in.

Cheers for the comparison Nobunaga, Limbo is a very flattering game to be compared to so I'll have to get it!
12-09-2013, 10:01 PM
Posted this on the review, but wanted more to see. Basic gist, great puzzle game you can't go wrong for $.99.

I'm sorry... Reading the review it feels like Chris didn't understand the game or ... I just don't know what.

First, this is NOT an action platformer, it is a puzzle game more than action. Mario is an action platformer, this is not even close.

Second, he states some puzzles took him 30 minutes? The entire game, all 150 stages, can be done in 250 minutes or less as there was an achievement for it. I can't recall one taking me over 10 and that's when I didn't know what the trick was. Once I did, more like 5 and those were rare.

Is the game repetitive? It's like saying solving crosswords is repetitive. Sure you do the same things over and over, sometimes the words are easy to find as is the solution to the puzzle. Then you get one that stumps you, like any puzzle should. Those are the great moments.

There is no twitch jumping, an army of enemies to defeat, it is a puzzle platformer, but a puzzle game foremost. The platforming is just another aspect of the puzzle.

Yes, I have heard over and over about the TA reviews are based on that persons ability to recommended a game. A $.99 with a bare minimum of 4 hours of game play that was a full title of $20 on the Vita, I don't understand how you couldn't recommended this to any puzzle game fan. Only way this makes sense is if the review was "phoned in" as they say or Chris does not like puzzle games. Either way, I won't be able to trust his opinion on games sadly as I do so many reviewers on TA. If you are a puzzle game fan, 5/5. People want console quality games on mobile, and this is a great one that is easily worth the original $20.
12-09-2013, 10:50 PM
Chris is a robot (TA-bot) TA don't use humans for some of there less-hyped games reviews.
05-22-2014, 08:41 AM
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Just found this little gem and bought it for 3$ worth it so worth it lol

That's Prince Boss To You!

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