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Blood Brothers is a dark fantasy game, a tale of a hero turned vampire, who must bind an army in a pact of blood in order to exact vengeance on a corrupt empire. Choose one of eight heroes -knight, samurai, high elf, dark elf, ape, lizardman, dwarf, or goblin- to lead your army to victory.

Killer battles! Mysterious characters! Secrets to be discovered!


With thrilling combat, character collection and leveling and an interesting storyline, Blood Brothers is epic!


* Customize your party to gain a strategic edge
* Wield skills from archery to sorcery, lightning to fire
* Bond and evolve characters together in dark rites
* Traverse villages, castles, dungeons, and more
* Get new characters and areas in free updates


Love this game! It has a whole new concept on the RPG games out there. If you like Rage of Bahamut or other card RPGs you will love this--it doesnt use the card concept, which I love.

This game is a blast! Its like a very interactive strategic board game and so far the best RPG game I've played on my phone.

If you like any kind of CCG you will love this game.


-Use a defensive formation when leveling new familiars, leave higher level familiars in the front.
-Take short or long paths in zones based on how many battles you want. Use the "Map" button!
-Special events come often and you should participate (even low levels).

The world of Blood Brothers knows no bounds!

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Sanuku's comments:

09-11-2012, 05:52 PM
I have been really enjoying this game so far, despite the freemium aspect.

Early on in the game you can play pretty much constantly and I am up to Level 30 or so. The game is also quite free with giving you goodies. You start with an extra Rare familiar (red dragon) and can get another one if you enter a referrer code.

The events are great too and a good way to access better familiars. And the dev's send you "tokens" for random pacts as well.

I would reccomend at least a download and a play. And if you want to get the extra familiar at the start (after the tutorial) then you can enter my referred code (or anyone else's) which is F5mLB (it is case sensitive)
09-15-2012, 03:23 PM
Downloaded this yesterday and was initially annoyed that I didn't have control over my Characters in battle, but then realize it would have been a lot of mashing anyway. Still it's too bad there isn't more of a strategic element IN battle.

I hear there are new battle formations you can pick up, but starting out with the healer I would appreciate not having her in front. Being able to choose a battle formation to start with and acquire others would be nice.

Still, it's a good game. Does this game have a final boss?

The network is sometimes inaccessible on my wifi but in 3G fine. Weird.

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10-30-2013, 12:57 PM
I would be way into this game, but the whole paying for energy to move around the board after about 30 mins of play is really annoying. It feels very exploitative. If they did a paid version I would pick it up in a second.

-Great art
-Deep monster evolution
-Quick battles
-Player driven auction house
-Fun PVP

-Chalk full of consumable in app purchases
-Nearly impossible to session for more than 30 mins without paying real money
-Putting money into the game feels dirty.

A great game ruined by exploitative free-to-play monitization schemes. I would happily pay $5-10 to not deal with the energy mechanic. I don't have anything against free-to-play, but the way it is used in this game just feels dirty.


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08-09-2014, 01:12 PM
When I try to get in the game the loading screen bar always stops and then my ipod crashes plz help

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