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Battleheart arena guide/tips

07-18-2014, 10:12 PM
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Best way I've found is using monk, cleric, witch, bard. I tried to pick the characters that dealt the most damage, yet also could survive til 70.

Bard is amazing thanks to his cooldown refresh, heals, and his constant buff to an ally. Equip 2 jabes for obvious reasons.

Cleric is obvious - you need even more heals to survive skeleton archers. Her shield is nice to help the monk tank red slimes. Equip 2 jabes for group heal spam.

Witch is by far the best damage dealer out there, IF you animation cancel (look up the battleheart wiki if you don't know what this is). I can get ~ 2-3 attacks in per second while microing her. Her curse can make red slimes/ogres less scary. Life drain is nice too. Equip 2 +10 magic damage, because you're going to be using her auto attack a lot. Her terror stuns everything (and can instant kill? Not sure).
The two wizards have better skills, but because of teleport you can't animation cancel -> they're garbage.

Monk is my personal choice. He's a dps/tank hybrid. Wind walk can draw aggro from the knights/ogres, and slow the slimes down. His invulnerable skill helps him tank red slimes/ogres.

Very efficient lineup. Consistent 8 minutes.

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