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Ninja Pizza Girl - Bullying, Self-esteem, Pizza delivering Ninjas

08-14-2014, 11:02 AM
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Ok so I don't know if the music will actually be in the game as you're traversing the stages but I think it would be very cool if it was. This game looks very well put together and I for one will be looking forward to it. If I can't test it I'll BOLO for it in the beginning of the year.

Great job on reaching your goals as well!!

If we could harvest human stupidity to run our electricity, and our cars, the world would see a new era of clean, renewable energy. That's an amazing resource we're wasting.
08-14-2014, 11:05 PM
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Post Kickstarter thought and thanks

$38,694 - 110% funded - 1,404 amazing people to thank

Thanks for all the well-wishes. Even if you didn't back us just hearing the words of support and encouragement really mean a lot.

Looks like queue is forming for beta testing. Awesome!

To everyone who's ever run a Kickstarter campaign - major props to you. This stuff is HARD.

To anyone thinking of running a Kickstarter campaign our advice is - prepare well, be honest and go for it! It's an experience like no other. The connections you make with people will last a lifetime.

Also, if you're ever considering doing a 24 hour live-stream and you're a two-person family team - DON'T! I'd recommend breaking it up into a few 2-3 hour stream sessions which allows you to recuperate and prepare for the next. Live-streaming is awesome though, it's a great way to personally connect with supporters. We're strongly considering doing live-streams as a regular part of our development, just not for 24 hours at a time!

For everyone interested in beta testing, we're giving alpha access to all of our backers that grabbed a copy of the game. They'll also have access to the backer-only section of our forums and their feedback will be an integral part of Ninja Pizza Girl's ongoing development.

If you'd like to be part of that we have a link to our Paypal shop on the Kickstarter page. Anyone grabbing a copy of Ninja Pizza Girl will get alpha access and we have T-shirts! We should be sending out the first builds in the next week or so.

If you'd prefer to wait, that's okay. We'll be shouting out for beta testers in about 5 months.

Jason Stark
Disparity Games