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09-20-2017, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by PipFromSlitherine View Post
It would be a more compelling argument if iOS10 (e.g.) didn't already do it. Is it work to maintain a 32bit compat layer? Of course, a not inconsiderable amount either. But pretty much every prior OS has decided that backward compatibility is a good thing, Apple have not, which is fine.
Is it fine? "All because Apple want to force people to update their hardware," sounds like it's not fine. I don't think that's the true reason. It doesn't even make much sense---if all of the old apps stop working except on very old hardware, then that serves as a disincentive to buy new hardware, not an incentive. Apple has made a different judgment about backward compatibility than Microsoft (not for the first time---remember the introduction of OS X?) and a different judgment about the app ecosystem than Android (again, not for the first time---Apple has consistently put more restrictions on developers to ensure a better, more uniform experience for users). Whether you agree or disagree with their judgment, that's not a reason to attack their motives.