App description: The game tells the story of a woman who has to face all the important memories of her life by going though several distorted stages full of enemies, which symbolize the fragments of her past that have come back to haunt her. Our heroine must try to survive those nightmarish worlds by evading the enemies chasing after her and overcoming all the obstacles that stand in her way. She cannot fight back, she can only flee. But with the clever handling of dimension changing, and the several resources she is provided with, she can hold the monsters back and get to the end safe.

The Lite version contains one stage of the game. If you liked it, be sure to check the full one!

Sanuku's comments:

Past Memories Lite:

08-08-2013, 06:09 PM
Downloaded lite version. Opened. Played 30 seconds. Closed. Deleted. Meaningless game with chunky graphics and movement. Would not play it even if someone paid me.

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