App description: *** The Final Chapter - Scheduled for Winter 2014.***

PALIDIN | The Ghalidir Chronicles is a text adventure in the same vein as the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books from yesteryear with a few RPG elements thrown in for fun.

YOU will decide the fate of Ghalidir over the course of the next five months as this is just part one of a multi-part story. We will be adding more content as fast as we can until the story is completed, starting in October, via app updates. Thats right, instead of making you wait even longer for the story, we're going to be bringing you the content as it's created. So, you only pay once and receive the rest of the story free of charge. And not only do you get story content obviously, but you also get new weapons and abilities with each update.

The great knight Ghalidir is on his way back home to the great Kingdom of Carsanthia, after many seasons away at War. After 50 days and nights he has made it to the final leg of his journey as he stands upon a great precipice looking out across the land of Carsanthia from atop the great mountain pass of TChankun. It will be during this final day of his travels that he will face the most trying time in his existence as he fights to survive across the land through the Forest of Elders, The Dark Woods, and/or the Great Plains of Mootana. Ice Trolls, Orcs, Wolves, Bandits, Traps, and Ghosts and Goblins await this brave knight all throughout these dark lands of his home. Help guide Ghalidir through the land safely to his home in the Kingdom of Carsanthia.

- Lovingly crafted story with twists and turns everywhere you look.
- High replay value with multiple paths and endings.
- A vast land to explore with unique creatures and characters to discover.
- Dynamic XP and Reward system.
- A commerce system with Merchant store, to help assist you in your travels.
- New features and story content will become available with each update, free of charge.

The Language is ENGLISH ONLY.

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Don't forget! We're doing a **FREE APP FRIDAY** tomorrow for Palidin in the AppStore! So look for the change in price sometime early tomorrow morning.
Bah, I want my two bucks back. I could have bought like 8 chicken nuggets with that!
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Version 1.1 is now available in the @AppStore. Get it here!

Here are the changes in this update:

* Merchant Store Purchase Freeze Bug fixed.
* Various bugs fixed.
* Application Icon Updated.
* Grammatical Corrections.
* iPod Touch 4th Generation Crash Fixed.
* AppStore Screenshots Updated.
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We are having a 99 sale on PALIDIN in the AppStore. Get it here!

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