App description: It's time to JUMP for your life! The creators of POCKET GOD bring you an all-new Pygmy adventure.

Be a benevolent deity and help your pygmy scale new heights. Bounce upward, navigate the various types of platforms, and collect as many gems as possible. These gems are not only valuable, but they also give you a sparkly height boost.

However, your pygmy has a secret weapon: the SLAM BOUNCE! The Slam Bounce increases the pygmy's power, speed and height! Tap the screen to frenetically Slam Bounce your way past tricky platforms and brutal obstacles. The Slam Bounce can also break items that contain hidden gems. In the meantime, your reflexes will be put to the test as monkeys chase you, dodos bomb you, spiders cocoon you, and meteors rain down on you. And that's just the beginning!

See how many Oogles you can climb as you're grabbing gems, reaching level objectives and acquiring collectibles for your shelf. If you are signed up with Game Center, an in-game leaderboard will show off your high scores and help you keep an eye on your friends' scores. You also see your friends' score markers on wooden signs as you play the game. As you pass their score, Slam Bounce the sign and break it to find a hidden gem. The more Game Center friends you have, the more gems you can collect as you play! You can also challenge them to Oogle-height competitions!

Use your hard-earned gems to buy Artifacts and Boosts in the store to increase your scores. Also available in the store are background themes and pygmy skins. Defy gravity within the spectacularly spacey Uranus Theme, or fire yourself upwards in the hellishly hot Underworld. Plus, for the first time, you can play as the first ever girl-pygmy from the Pocket God Comics, Sun. You can even play as a zombie pygmy. They each have their own special tricks and animations in the game!

How high can you jump? Find out today! Visit to read our cool blog and get free content!

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Pocket God - Journey To Uranus. The pygmies visit space in this sandbox that focuses on higher level mini-games in the far reaches of outer space.

Pocket God, the comic. Bolt Creative and Ape Comics have come together to expand the Pygmies' story to epic proportions. Gods and monsters abound as the pygmies find their place in a world where dangerous and mysterious forces plot against them.

davecazz's comments:
Hey Guys,

Our latest update just came out last night. We added a graveyard theme and also made a lot of improvements to the UI.

We added a hint now, if you die from the same baddy more that once then you get a hint as far as how to beat it. You can also see your objective list on the pause screen now.

We've done a lot of soul searching over the last week. Sales of Ooga Jump are really, really low right now so we need to do something drastic to see if we can turn it around. The next update will focus on redoing the existing artifact system. We will be removing all the current artifacts and instead putting artifacts in the game instead. We will be keeping two of them and replacing the rest with 4 new ones. Each artifact will appear randomly in the game and will be upgradable in the store. You will be able to increase the frequency, increase the time it lasts, some artifacts have extra features that can be enabled as well. 6 levels of upgrades.

In order to make it fair, when the next update comes out and you own any of the old artifacts. We will refund the cost of those artifacts in gems.

We will also be adding ads to the game. however, in this update there is a hidden preference that I am setting so I can tell that you paid for the game. This will make it so you will not see ads. but you have to play this update of the game to enable it. This flag will be stored in your keychain and in iCloud. even if you delete the game the flag will not get erased, however a new device will not be able to see the flag unless it is hooked up to the same iCloud account or is restored from a backup with the game data.

Another big change that is coming is that we will be charging 0.99 for skins and themes when the next update comes out in a few weeks. We need to do this in order to try and make money with the game. Once you get good at collecting gems, the themes and skins are actually pretty easy to get and we need to make sure we bring in revenue for Allan's work. So you guys a have couple weeks to unlock whatever you can before this happens.

Gems will be only used for save me, artifact upgrades, and skipping objectives. If we can turn around the progress of the game, then we will add more gem features.

btw, if you purchased a theme or skin with gems. we record it in the keychain and in iCloud. so even if you delete the app, your purchase will still remain. Just be careful that nothing happens to your iCloud data and you keep everything backed up. iCloud is free, there is no reason not to have it.

Anyway, please give me your feedback about the update and the future direction. I am listening and will answer questions in this thread.

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12-17-2013, 05:30 AM
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just came here to tell ya that I got oogajump when it became free and it only took me a few plays to decide to buy the gem doubler!

at that time I just bought it because I figured it's a rare platform jump game which has creative gameplay and high replayability; so the gem doubler would definitely help to collect gems easier and enhance the experience. (but what really made me get it was the ads tbh they were hindering my replays)

but then I came on here and saw that you guys (devs) were struggling with the sales and immediately felt great that I had made the purchase :') I mean I bought the iap with also the intention to support the devs but I mostly assumed it would do fairly well... I didn't know it was that bad I guess it's true that people can't be bothered to spend money on just another platform-jump game, so making it freemium was really the best decision made!

honestly I was so bored of games like doodlejump that I completely ignored oogajump at first, (because games like these felt mostly out of my control and always made me die multiple times and feel like no skill is required at all but a repetitive waste of time...) but I gotta tell you that oogajump surprised me when I realized the slam bounce was really helpful and the obstacles were all really unique and original.

I hope that it will bring in more revenue for you guys soon because right now I feel really bothered by the fact that it's so hard to make money even with legit game development skills... cheer up!!! no matter what it is, things will always get better
12-26-2013, 10:02 PM
While this game continues to struggle a bit, I noticed that the original Pocket God is up to number 54 in the usa appstore right now. Nice to see. Its also doing quite well in about 25 other countries as well.
12-27-2013, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by Jazzzed View Post
While this game continues to struggle a bit, I noticed that the original Pocket God is up to number 54 in the usa appstore right now. Nice to see. Its also doing quite well in about 25 other countries as well.
yea, we just got the stats from the holidays. Looks like we got a christmas bump, but the revenue was about a tenth of what we got last year. paid apps must be really hurting right now.

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