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04-16-2018, 02:20 PM
Hello guys, its been a long time!

Couple of updates was released that I've hope resolved the issues were mentioned here (they were related to 32-64bit transition as I remember correctly) - sorry for no response here though :/

Since I still love this game and treat it as my "child", I continue to update it This is why on Thursday Apr 19th 2018 another update, version 1.7.0 with full iPhone X support will be released!

Please note that Commander Pixman supported 64bit for a long time so it could run on iOS 11 without any issue!

It's amazing to think that Commander Pixman was running on the original iPhone as well, all the way to the most recent devices, which are so fast that currently initial loading screen is barely visible

Other apps from that time may won't survive the 32-bit app-pocalypse but know that even if I'm alone, I'll support all my games as long as I can.

I've hope that someone still like this game as I do