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01-22-2018, 08:15 AM
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Blendin is the new social polling app, providing an easy, fun way to ask anything to the Blendin community, get opinions and start engaging discussions about any topic!

Need help settling an argument? Making a tough decision? Or maybe you’d like to ask a random question for fun! No matter what you need to know, the Blendin community is here to help.

▸ Custom Poll Designer
We don’t restrict you to one, boring layout. Using photos and images, you can create custom layouts for your polls. With so many layouts to choose from, you’ll be able to design visually stunning polls that people love engaging with!

▸ Ask Anything!
Unlike ‘Would You Rather?’ and ‘This or That?’ games, we allow our users to create any question or poll they want and quiz the Blendin community on their opinion.
• Should you buy that jacket you saw in the store?
• Can’t decide between a relaxing beach holiday or a snowboarding adventure?
• Chinese or Indian for dinner?
• Interested to know whether a bear or shark would win in a fight?
• Curious to know how many people agree with your side of an argument?
…The only limit to the questions you can ask is your imagination!

▸ Start Discussions
With a comments section below each social poll, opinion sharing goes beyond mere answers. Engage in discussions and share detailed thoughts on each poll to get rich, informative answers. See what others really think of the questions you ask!

Blendin – Highlights
• Custom questions; ask anything, no matter how weird or random!
• Would you rather, what would you do, this or that questions and more
• Create polls with custom, beautiful layouts
• Get detailed opinions & thoughts from the public
• Engage in discussions in the comments section below each social poll
• Settle any argument or discussion in the best way possible
• Use your Facebook or Google account to login
• Share any question with your friends

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