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Clean Eating Recipes App

03-19-2013, 12:52 AM
Clean Eating Recipes App

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Clean Eating Reipes app to reach even more tables and tablets with the latest release of the Apple editions.

As the number one paid iPhone app in the iTunes Food and Drink category, and with over a quarter of a million Facebook Likes, there’s already a huge appetite for Clean Eating. Now there’s no excuse not to eat healthy with the release of the Clean Eating app for Apple.

Created by Paul Waqakalou and Jessica Miller the Clean Eating App is a digital antidote for the junk and highly processed, preservative-filled foods, overloading our digestive system and holding back our bodies from performing at their peak.

As Jessica puts it “Clean Eating is about using fresh, minimally processed foods your body will thank you for!”

Stocked with 50 quick to prepare and easy to cook recipes, including a sensational San Choy Bow, a Chicken Satay to rave about and Tuna-stuffed Italian Mushrooms that taste remarkably like pizza at a fraction of the calories, the Clean Eating app is not a diet or short term fix. Rather it’s a lifestyle choice that promises to help you lose weight, sleep better, up your energy levels, clear your skin and just generally fuel your appetite for life.

App Facts
– Device Availability (iPhone, iPad)
– Comes with 62 pre-loaded recipes with regular fresh additions
– Features an appetising photograph, full ingredient list, cooking method and nutritional panel including kilojoule content, total fat, total protein and total carb value for every recipe
– Gather ingredients with ease by adding them to them the ‘Shopping List’
– Email your Shopping List to others to buy on their way home for you
– Choose when and what you’d like to cook and add recipes to your calendar.
– Use the 'Build a Clean Pantry’ list and always have healthy ingredients at the ready!

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