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07-22-2015, 07:27 PM
Added you. If you notice a Midas in training, that's me. Your Snow Queen would be really helpful to me! Thanks!

I took a snapshot of the implosions and here's the breakdown:


Total dmg from implosions is 26,058k and I estimate that she has about 34 million hp. So implosion did 77% of the dmg. Took 238 turns. Crazy.
07-23-2015, 12:00 PM
So I did a Bear run of Goldie last night -- had a friend with a level 100 Epic Brownweave Bear.

The Brownweave Bear does a lot more damage and gives you a lot more health as compared to any other character (350% bonus vs. Goldie) so I think I was finishing in about 30-35 minutes. It's not a significant boost. Most of the damage was still done by Snow Queen's Implosion. Because of Brownweave Bear's huge bonuses, I was sitting up at 27k health, so I was never in a pickle in terms of damage. However, links were still a problem and having two link restorers is still good (used Midas' full restore 2-3 times still).

All of the legendary quests have some kind of "trick" or you need two things to deal with them successfully:

False Prince - fire resistance, block (if you successfully block, False Prince stops his heart-gem attack)
Dragon Prince - nature resistance, poison (poison stops him from regenerating)
Phoenix Prince - fire resistance, healing.
Goldilocks - water resistance, link restoration (and maybe healing)

Sometimes it's necessary to pull in the water gems for Goldilocks -- largely to extend your combo bonus (which also applies to healing). All things being equal -- say you had two different scenarios with the same result, which do you choose:

Scenario 1:
Round 1 - no water gems
Round 2 - 6 water gems (18 links lost)
Total: 18 links lost

Round 1 - 3 water gems (9 links lost)
Round 2 - 3 water gems (9 links lost)
Total: 18 links lost

Although you end up losing the same amount of links, it's actually better in terms of the combo bonus if you take in a ton of water gems all at once in conjunction to healing.

When I was a tad lower level, the main strategy against Goldie was: do some damage and stay alive while powering up Snow Queen's active. Mostly try to find link patterns to minimize link usage.

At higher levels (all max levels), it's heal as much as you need, try not to take in Water gems/burn too many links, power up actives.
07-24-2015, 09:47 PM
Nicely put. I took a Brownweave Bear with BBW to the heroic Goldie quest and got 37K health, ha! What might be interesting is using a bear with all the attack bonus passives. Also, Geppetto could be a good option as his passive adds 75 links to max and compliments nicely with Midas' link restore. Right after the full link restore, Geppetto could hit her with the active for 1mil damage.

Tried Goldie again this evening with the same team, but slightly higher levels and more potions. This time, I conquered her without spending a stone. The biggest difference was the team had 2% less resistance but 3% more critical chance. This translated to more links from Snow Queen's passive which helped. I was still struggling for life and links though, but the battle overall was easier this time and only took an hour. In terms of healing, definitely save those heart gems until they are adjacent to each other for greater healing bonus. I didn't take hearts until I have to.

Now there is a extra Goldie that I don't know what to do with.

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Today, 02:55 PM
Chromatic Elixirs are very tasty. I need to find some more maxed Merlin buddies (I only have 2). I do have one Fairy Godmother buddy, but I'm hesitant to experiment until I gain a level because of the high stamina cost. Fairy Godmother is good for Heroic difficulty, just not sure about Godly difficulty.

You have an extra Goldie? I have two. After selling 2.

I was thinking about good uses for the Elixir of Wisdom. Maybe like the Archmages or something? Normally getting your active down 1 or 2 steps isn't that significant -- arguably if there's a way to get multiple King Thrushbeards and get him to a level 5 Active, then the cooldown is 21. If you could get a Level 6 enchantment from the Elixir of Wisdom (= cooldown is less by 2), then his cooldown would be 19. Still, it's not that great.

Now with the Archmages, if you get them to Level 5 Active, that would be a cooldown of 4. Their ability isn't that good -- destroy gems in the color of weakness (i.e., Flame Archmage destroys Water gems). But with a cooldown of 2 (i.e., Level 5 Active plus Elixir of Wisdom Level 6 enchantment), destroying gems every other round might significantly reduce damage in limited situations.

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