App description: Trucker was Proud to be #1 Racing Game in over 40 countries, with over 5 MILLION Downloads!
Take control of your trucks and prove your driving skills in Trucker: Parking Simulator.

**NEW CONTENT ADDED** 24 brand new levels to master in the agile new PICKUP TRUCK!

FREE download - tons of content free-to-play
Huge 72 level career mode, with 3 awesome vehicles (European Oil Tanker & powerful American Monster 'Super-Truck')
NEW: FREE nimble new Pick-Up Truck with brand new levels!
Free-drive 'sandbox' mode. Learn your craft here!
Realistic physics, accurate handling and finely tuned controls for an exciting, challenging drive!
Full 3D world to explore!
Adjustable cameras give the perfect view, including first-person with rear view mirrors! *
Universal App. Optimised for anything from iPad 1, iPod Touch 4th Gen, with full iPhone 5 widescreen support.

-- Challenges to keep you coming back
3 alternate objectives on each level (pass a level with speed, precise parking, clean driving or all 3 in the same run for a 'gold' award!)
Go for perfection on every level to get maximum points
Compete on the world leader boards or against your GameCentre friends for top scores!

-- Customisable controls
Analogue wheel, on-screen buttons or tilt steering with on-screen pedals.
Manual or automatic gears.
Set steering sensitivity for all modes to find the perfect control method.

-- Compete for the best times
Separate leader boards for each truck and mode.
A level playing field where your skill will win!
Race and compete to be the best Trucker!
56 Achievements! Get 660 GameCenter points!

-- Get more Trucker!
Unlock extras within the game to extend your Trucker experience! (and remove ads)
Monster Truck - can you handle 36 levels in the longer and faster Monster Truck?!
Kids Mode - a shorter truck and more time makes an easier drive.
Unlock all levels - stuck? Jump ahead with this unlock!

Our IAP is more like a bonus DLC if you like the game to get an extra vehicle for a new challenge once you complete the original free levels, or if you want to make either truck easier with Kids Mode (any purchase removes the ads).

Start your new career as a Truck driver today for FREE! Jump into the cab and start your engine for the ultimate driving challenge! Your instructor awaits...

"I give it 18 wheels out of 18 wheels!" (Brad Nicholson @

It's an oddly addictive title that mixes the best elements of mobile puzzlers with a look that's far more polished than the dust-cloaked rear of your typical heavy goods vehicle - and a challenge that's actually remarkably difficult. ( entertaining game that offers realistic truck drivingphysics and a challenging career mode. The game gives players that feeling of, "I have to keep trying until I get it right!"" (

It's totally possible to get 3 stars on all 36 Oil Truck levels WITHOUT buying any IAP. The IAP is only for a totally different mode (Kids Mode) or different truck (Monster Truck), each with separate leader boards.

Take your time, don't hit anything and you will make it in time. As you learn your vehicle you'll get more confident and faster. Use Free-drive Mode and set yourself some challenges to learn the handling. Use the cameras and get a good view for reversing, then practice until you can reverse smoothly in 1 motion accurately.

Check our YouTube channel if you are stuck:
This is all done with the free content (free Oil Truck, Normal levels).

(* iPad 2/iPhone 4 or better required for some graphical features such as rear view mirrors and some scenery detail)

Sanuku's comments:

05-23-2013, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by Hoggy110 View Post
I remember when I was #1 in the world with a field of 3 people...congrats guys
HAHA... there are some ninja scores there that I haven't even achieved with 7 months practice whilst developing it!

(shame about the top 20 positons being hacked scores... is there anything a dev can do about that?!)

Thanks for the grats and for being one of our first 'customers' ! // Games designed to touch... // follow on Twitter @HybridTouch
05-31-2013, 05:38 PM
Trucker: Pro version (paid)

We've just released a paid version of Trucker, which comes without any Ads, and priced at $0.99. Should be live at midnight your local time.

It's still the same game as our free version , so you can still get extra content such as the Monster Truck and Kids Mode with IAP but you will get all the base content and 36 level career mode without the intrusion of Ads!

We are also working on a big content update for all versions which we will announce very soon // Games designed to touch... // follow on Twitter @HybridTouch
06-04-2013, 06:39 AM
Update to v.1.1.2

We've just released an update to Trucker (1.1.2)

Mainly a refinement update - the new content is coming next week!

- fixed level setup on levels 21, 23 and 33 that prevented player from getting "clean driving" star with monster truck
- added notification if player is trying to park the wrong way
- top view camera improved (moves in the direction of driving)
- front and rear camera default positions tweaked
- bigger steering buttons on small devices
- tilting range reduced (smaller tilt angle gives you full turn angle of wheels)
- tips on loading screen change more often
- fixed shadow bug on depot building
- fixed graphical glitch with flickering on the road surface
- fixed high score popup glitch
- fixed typo in 1 'tip'
- changed font on 'tips' title
- removed the 'more games' sign and made the buttons in main menu bigger on smaller devices // Games designed to touch... // follow on Twitter @HybridTouch
06-14-2013, 02:45 PM
Our 1st FREE CONTENT update!

Kick it up a gear with the new PICKUP TRUCK!

Weave the agile pickup truck around 24 brand new levels.

A short wheel base, and powerful engine makes a really different driving experience to the huge freighter trucks, but no less challenging!

With courses such as sprint events to test your potential delivery driver skills, to tighter courses where you will need pinpoint precision and all the nimble performance of this great new truck to make it through unscathed.

We also made a load of other improvements to improve Trucker.

More courses and trucks are coming soon!

You can download Trucker for free here:

Follow us on Twitter @HybridTouch to keep up to date.
Mark // Games designed to touch... // follow on Twitter @HybridTouch

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