App description: "...The pixel styled graphics are out of this world and wax into thought-provoking elements and creatures throughout the course of the game. With an astronomically low price point of ninety-nine cents, the entertainment value is sheer lunacy."

- IGM Mobile

It takes a lot of orbs to build a bridge to the moon, and Cara's in no short supply in this action orbital platformer. But before she could finish the job, the government and it's fellow forces of society seized the bridge. Determined to reclaim her property and complete her interspace transit system, Cara isn't afraid to cross paths with pterodactyl farmers, shrouded fanatics and destructive war machines.

Bronxsta's comments:
Uh....How in the world did this get overlooked? Not even a thread for it? I only discovered it because I signed up for the Isle of Bxnes beta and this is from the same devs

Youtube link | Pop Up

- Pixel animations, characters and backgrounds, hand drawn with love.
- A variety of enemies to avoid, from bi-pedal missile toting robots to explosive pterodactyl eggs
- Puzzles and levels that don't hold your hand. Explore solutions for maps and dangers on how to proceed.
- Use your enemies. Squatters on your bridge have set up a plethora of traps, but you can guide missiles and robots to areas to break walls and open new parts of the map.
- No in-app purchases.
09-26-2013, 04:38 PM
Originally Posted by Biggavelli View Post
I'll wait for the new game.
Originally Posted by repapermunky View Post
An update to this or a new game completely?
Awesome - it will just be an update to the existing app for all iPhones.
09-26-2013, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by whalenought_joe View Post
Awesome - it will just be an update to the existing app for all iPhones.
Okay cool.

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