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I'm at level 39 and I've thrown more drunk cash at this game than I feel comfortable admitting to myself. The game has some mind-numbing design flaws and the lack of support from Kablam is concerning. BUT, for those of you still struggling your way through the story quests trying to nail everything on Hard mode for the one-time around loot, a word of advice: stop. It's not worth the grind, which you'll quickly discover once you reach the spirit realm. The spirit realm is a series of dungeons that opens once you beat the final overland temple. The loot structure is the inverse of the physical dungeons: spirits and evos galore, but zero equips. The quality of the spirits available and likely to drop is vastly improved on the dungeons you're used to. Furthermore, the difficulties of the dungeons scale with your level. It quickly becomes apparent what Kablam had in mind: alternate grinding the spirit realm to improve your spirit power with grinding the physical realm to improve your gear. Once you've built up your gear and spirit army to a high enough level, tackle the end-game dungeon, which is so hard I imagine it's still a pipe dream for even the grindiest, whaliest beta tester.

The grind is still extremely repetitive but at least you can see the progress bar moving with each subsequent victory.
That is very interesting.

You can get a Legendary chest piece for beating one of the Felis Sanctuary story levels on Lord mode. I think I'm on Day 4 of the grind. It's definitely possible with the right equipment choices and spirits, and TONS of kiting, but yeah, it's brutal.

So are the equipment rewards worth it? I haven't seen any Legendaries up until this point, so I figured it had to be.
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The legendary equips early on are most definitely not worth it. The amount of grinding necessary to reach that level of power without steady quality spirit drops would take months if not years. More importantly, your gear is scaled to your level when you acquired it. So a lvl 35 blue staff is likely better than the lvl 18 purple one you spent too many pointless hours grinding for. Don't get me wrong; epic drops are great and will last you far longer than lesser quality, same level gear, but if you run into a wall that seems too frustrating to get through, just lower the difficulty to normal and get on with it.
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A few more tips for those sticking with the game

I'm a Mage so your mileage may vary with some of this advice:

* Level your feeder spirits a little before feeding them to your mains. I don't know what the mathematical sweet spot is, but it's definitely not lvl 1.

* Concentrate on leveling one good shield spirit and one good blink spirit. Shields, for mages, are invaluable for withstanding the initial rush of encounters when you're stunned, pulled, leaped at, etc. None of the other abilities are worth your time. Leveling mats are rare enough that you can't afford to level up a separate blink and shield spirit for each school of magic, at least not early on.

* Different attack spirits call for different playstyles. Some call for closer range attack and retreat play, some you can just kite all day long with. Kiting is much easier.

* Try to maintain a good balance of attack, defense, and recovery for each of your teams.

* covet your health orbs. Your health doesn't regen in game so try not to over heal. I've kited a boss once across a whole damn stage because I left a heal orb waiting for me at the entrance
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Just got access to the Spirit Realms.

Man does the game open up once you get there. You get access to 5 element themed Realms. Each has 3 "tracks" you can do depending if your wanting to work on access to the Necropolis or wanting to farm Grubbins/Evo mats. Each Track has , from what I can see 10-12 nodes in it.

So assuming a “node” is equivalent to a small level that’s at least 150 levels or maps you get access to once you finish up in Arborlith. Compared to the quests you get in the physical realm there’s tons more action once you get to the Spirit Realms.