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Originally Posted by maxbrickem View Post
So does this game have any kind of an overworld map? i'm five hours in and have seen several totems, which i am unable to activate, and it made me think about the world bc so far it's been very linear between towns. Is there any open/free exploration introduced at any point? or are the totems just a way to travel within a long, linear world/map?
The last thing u said is true. They basically just allow you to go back and catch monsters you missed!
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ty! uchti
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Originally Posted by Zeillusion View Post
So I opened three nexoboxs and got three forius. Well that was a bit of a disappointment. What are the chances? Oh boy sad day for me. Lol

By my calculations, taking into account 300 nexo. That's VERY unlikely -.-

Kinda feel like a system should be in place to prevent three of the same. I love supporting development but I am scared to do a fourth now haha.
That's highly unlikely unless you are opening the same box without deleting your save file. So far most of duplicates if not all were due to this. If that's not the case this would be a first and if someone else reports it we will take a look into it. Sorry about that and thanks for the support!
Today, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by lilneo View Post
Translated with Google

Hello developers, I have some idea that I would like you to consider putting in the future improvements list for the game. Most of my ideas are based on the future implementation of PVP in order to increase the strategic - competitive range and that this is not only based on attacking, healing, attacking, healing, and in the end, the one with the most potions wins.

I want to emphasize that I am delighted with the game. I have fallen in love with him and want to see him grow even more than he has grown. Since I see it as a multi player game with the possibilities d equate to a Clash Royale, Vainglory, Hearthstone, which also offers a beautiful single player campaign with the benefits of non-constant internet connection and a Premium experience. The App Store is a gold mine knowing how to get into it and although I recognize that they are a team of people who love less money than the passion to make quality games, these two should not be fought.

Allow the player to switch from Nexomon when the rival Nexomon is defeated or changed by another in half battle. This in order to give a touch of strategy and be able to take elemental advantage over the enemy Nexomon. In PVP will be essential.

Implement a system of equipment of items for each nexomon that allow to increase your statistics such as increase your defense when you have less than 30% of life, increase elemental power by 10%, recover some health each Once a turn ends, increase evasion when the Nexomon has 10% of life, etc. There can be as many items as the imagination allows. This possibility will be great in PVP.

Add the possibility that the nexomon of the same name and type have variation in the base statistics. For example a Hobyn with more health points but less speed, or one with more attack but less health. This will allow Nexomon growth to be different.

Add a second element for each Nexomon, for example my Favolia has attacks type wind and electric etc. It would even be super cool to add more elemental types, such as light, dark, ice, metal, psychic, ghost, dragon, sinister, fairy, etc. : P

Add to some movements the possibility of affecting to a greater extent a rival Nexomon. For example, the possibility of applying burns to an enemy Nexomon with a move or apply severe burns to an enemy Nexomon, it is clear that the second proposal would generate more damage each turn if it is not treated in time. The same can be with poisoning or severe poisoning.

Allow not all movements to generate damage to apply a status effect. For example a movement that only applies poisoning (severe poisoning) or burns (severe burns), but without applying damage to enemy nexomon or to my own Nexomon, Etc.

Add more status effects (ephemeral and persistent). I insist that state effects are key to the game itself, but more to a for PVP. Some examples of state effects that may be added are; Cursed: A cursed Nexomon will lose health in a set percentage for example 1/4 for every turn that passes until death. It can be cured only by switching to another Nexomon. One effect of state master that I propose is being trapped that will prevent the trainer from being able to change the current Nexomon by another, imagine the combo Damn and Trapped !. Another rotten being the Incarnation, which will make the Nexomon in love has a 50% chance of not attacking etc. But for this last one would have to implement a system of Genero for the nexomon also.

Add the possibility that some movements may be Critical. This will give some chance to decisive fights. Will be great!

Add the possibility that some movements when being used can cause the enemy to step back and fail the next turn. For example the movement of Kick, or Aporreo.

Add the possibility that some Very Strong movements generate a negative effect in compensation for such damage caused. For example generating confusion or even not attacking the next turn because the Nexomon is "rested" from the previously executed attack.

Add more moves. This will allow for greater strategy in the PVP. Some new movements can be those that to be executed need to be "loaded" a turn and then will be executed. Because they are very strong! : P

Add passive skills to Nexomon. For example Absorber Water for my Shereef and this will be that when using a water type attack against Shereef this instead of receiving damage recover damage.

Improve the animation when using the skates.

Add animation and add an effect when doors open or enter a building.

Improve the animation when using a Nexotrampa so that it does not seem to bounce and bounce.

Improve the Escape from Battles option by avoiding the dialog box and increasing the resolution of the escape algorithm. This will make the game more fluid.

Add the following options to the game menu: A) Turn on or off battle animations. B) Hide or Show the number of damage applied to the Nexomon.

Add the option to check movements in battle. One tap to consult the movement information and another tap to use the movements. In addition it shows the elemental type of movements with a colored border. For example Red for the movements type fire, Blue for the movements type water, gray for the movements type normal, etc.

Increase the speed of the animation when opening the Nexopad.

Add Newgame + with improvements such as greater difficulty in all aspects. The possibility of finding Nexomon with an alternative color etc. More content after completing the main story. Hidden enemies with Nexomon super OP that generate a greater challenge,

Make the character stay in the center of the screen and let the environment move so that it is not under my fingers or in places where you can not see much on the menu.

Anyway, I think there are some ideas that many would like to have and I recognize that they are a team of developers who are passionate about creating video games more than money. But I do not consider it unreasonable that once more improvements are implemented, the price of the game may go up by one dollar per update and make it work. For my part I will continue to support them with acquiring gems to buy all the additional content even if it is merely cosmetic: P

I hope my ideas will be considered for the list of improvements and better still be happier if they are implemented.

As you see most is more oriented to PVP mode and to increase strategy and make it difficult to play in story mode itself. I am a really competitive person.
Thanks! I believe we discussed this over FB
Today, 11:08 AM
Originally Posted by darkelite View Post
Suggestion about rarity display:

In version 1.4, I cannot see the rarity of my Nexomons when I access the Nexopad - Team. I have to manually tap the nexomons 1 by 1 and then tap on INFO.

It should be possible to visualize the rarity of the xenomon just at a single glance in the Nexopad.

Also when I capture a new rarer nexomon and wish to switch it with one in my current party, it's impossible to compare their rarity too. This is a bummer for me, but overall the game is a masterpiece!

Keep up the great work!
Thanks, we will work on the UI after PVP Thanks for the feedback and support!
Today, 11:09 AM
Originally Posted by maxbrickem View Post
So does this game have any kind of an overworld map? i'm five hours in and have seen several totems, which i am unable to activate, and it made me think about the world bc so far it's been very linear between towns. Is there any open/free exploration introduced at any point? or are the totems just a way to travel within a long, linear world/map?
The game is linear, you can you the totems to travel anywhere in the second half of the game. We will add mode areas to explore later on.