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Default Tile Path

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Default Game Impressions

While rough around the edges and with a few grammatical errors, the core gameplay is actually pretty fun.

As the player you're presented with a grid with what might best be described as random color coded exit points sprinkled along the outside of the map. Your goal is to make a continuous path in the correct color between any of these two color coded exits with the randomly granted Tetris pieces to both score points and eliminate all pieces used to make that path (i.e. connect the two blue exits with a rambling blue path, those blue exit points will move to new random locations and that connecting blue path will disappear).

What greatly complicates this effort is that you are simultaneously building these paths for several different colored exits. How do you complete the blue path across the grid without completely cutting off the yellow and red paths?

You can only see your current pieces and the next two upcoming after that and in most game modes you're limited to clearing as many of these paths as you can in only 3 minutes. Since the points you make connecting the two exits is based on how many individual cells were used to make the path, you're more than encouraged to make a very think rambling path (like when the two exits start off right next to each other, there is no reason not to have the path go all across the screen and then circle back to connect the two exit points) but the bigger the path the more likely it will interfere with the other color paths you are creating.

The game ends once the time is up or the screen gets so crowded you can't fit the next piece onto the board.

Good fun that can only become more polished in hopeful updates.


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