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Idle Tower Tycoon [PREORDER - RELEASE DATE 05.16.2018!]

03-18-2018, 07:22 AM
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Idle Tower Tycoon [PREORDER - RELEASE DATE 05.16.2018!]

========= UPDATE 04.16.2018 ==========
Hello TA!

I'd like to announce that release date of Idle Tower Tycoon is May 16th! I also prepared preorder page so if you want to grab this game in the day of release you can sign up to preorder.

Hi there, I would like to show you some progress I've made. First thing - final icon, based on your feedback, I've changed some things and now i think is much better icon for my game. Second thing is app preview. Of course it's not everything I've made since the last update, I made also:
- cloud save system
- localization for 7 new languages (french, spanish, german, italian, polish, chineese, russian)
- compatibility with iPhone X screen
- iMessage stickers

I was also eliminating bugs and preparing game to the release :)

Next week I will announce exact release date of the game! For now I can tell that will be may :D

New icon:

App preview:

Youtube link | Pop Up

========= ORIGINAL POST 03.18.2018 ==========

Hi TouchArcade!

My name is Adrian, and I want to show you my second iOS game, maybe do you remember my first game which I was showing here more than year ago, it was called YeahBunny. It was such a great success for me (it got featured in AppStore and got more than 1.3M downloads!). But it's time to move on and make something new :)

My new project is called Idle Tower Tycoon and it is incremental game where players will build their own towers, floor by floor, by upgrading and developing it's businesses in it. I have still a lot of work with it, but for now I have some playable beta which I want to show you, and ask you for your feedback and tips how to improve gameplay, to make something more than typical idle game on the market :)

Below game icon, it's not the final version, I'm still trying to improve it, maybe you have some suggestions? :)

If you want participate in Testflight beta tests, please send me your email via PM.

Below some gifs from game:

Pic 1 - After reaching every 25 lvls there is built new floor and player's tower is higher.

Pic 2 - After reaching some lvl player can build new towers in many cities around the globe.

Pic 3 - One of the cool features is that players can resize UI and set it what they want.

And some screenshots:

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03-18-2018, 07:01 PM
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PM sent

This looks great!
04-16-2018, 12:58 PM
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Update in first post [04.16.2018]
04-16-2018, 03:00 PM
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This looks really well.