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04-04-2018, 04:01 AM
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Originally Posted by terminalman View Post
Im experiencing a game breaking inventory bug. Intermittently, my inventory will become completely blank. I can still pick up new items, but whatever I had equipped when the inventory glitched will remain pictured. I cant interact with any items in my inventory at all, which makes the game next to impossible to play. Ive reported the bug and submitted customer service requests, but theyve all gone unanswered. Really bumming me out, since this is a fun game when it works....

Anyone else have this problem?
I had this twice a while ago and it hasnt been back since.

A minor annoyance for me as it was only on a couple of occasions; sounds like its more of a regular feature for you.
04-09-2018, 10:53 PM
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Anyone else having an issue where your squad mates aren’t identified in game? This is only happening on my iPad Pro, not my phone. I don’t get the player tags of my teammates in game. I can see them on the mini map, and oddly enough I see them in the loading lobby... but when the game starts I get no player tags above them.

04-16-2018, 11:06 AM
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Patch notes for 0.4.0

Seeing how 0.4.0 is just around the corner I’ve pasted the patch notes for those interested:


Performance and screen optimization

-Added S25 new compatible models

-New models supporting Ultra high and High frames

-Anti-Allasing (improved/Increased and added)

-Improve performance of weapons, models, and scenarios

-Adapative mode (change graphics and framerate according to performance)

• Gunfights optimization

-Shooting animation improved

-Enemy death cam

-3d touch shooting mode (iphone exclusive)

-4x and 8x scopes Optimization

-Aiming animation improved

-Flits feedback improved

-Aiming button disappear if you are not on a good position to aim

-Characterjurnp Improved

-Character view Improved

-Game sound and voicechat Improved

• Game user interface

-Teammate icon improved

-Bag interface Improved

-Map automatically marks your vehicle location

-Vehicles now have nitro

-Motorcycle flip buttons

-Open door automatically option

-Picking intervals

• General update change

-New weather (DUSK)

-Added new character faces

-Match history record added

-Daily tasks added

-Upgrading task added

• New Game modes

-Training mode

-Sniper mode

-Melee mode

-Full armor mode (Tier 3 gear)

-Fast paced mode

-Pistol mode

-Shotgun mode

• Social experience

-Apprentice system mode

-Search nearby players

-Business card added

-Search players by business card filters

-Team reccomendations

-Chat rooms (News, Tags, Recommended)

-Player's team Invitation otimized

-Gender Information

• Other notes

-More clothes added

-New player rename tags

-Supply price increase and reset once a week

-Changing appearance will cost depending on the changes

-UI interface speed increased

-Voice icon animation improved

-Repeated clothes can be exchanged

-Data of player record Increased

• Bugs

-Various bugs fixed

-Improved Cheat detection

-Cheaters will be banned

-People creating cheats, modding, using extemal apps to have an advantage
will face LEGAL Consequences.


3D Touch to fire; I’m so happy! Death cam too; well needed.

Also; I wonder how they’ll go about the legal consequences for cheating? Good luck I say but I’m very skeptical to say the least.

Looks like a good update.
04-16-2018, 12:41 PM
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Not listed but I saw on a YouTube vid; you can shoot out the tires on cars (not bikes). Another nice addition Id say.
Yesterday, 06:05 AM
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Cant try it till a bit later sadly but the update is out.
Yesterday, 10:53 AM
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“Well Meta, have you had chance to try the update?”

“I have Meta. Would you like to know what I think?”

“Yes please Meta; that would be great.”

“Ok Meta. Anything for you buddy!”

Ahem. I do seem a bit lonesome in this thread which I have to say surprises me but here’s my thoughts just in case.

For me the headline news is 3D Touch to fire. I’m a huge fan of this in a shooter and it’s a game changer for me.
For the shots where you have time to take then the left button remains the way forward. However, if you’re caught on the move or inside it’s brilliant. No more getting caught on the hop in a house or the shelter; I love it.

The following function is excellent, especially on the ‘chute down.
I was very lucky with the first squad of randoms I played with (dinner, the works) and we used it on the way down. Highly recommended.

There are many more text chat options now. You can still only have 10 or so that you had before but these can be swapped out from a much larger pool of phrases in settings. Still no “thanks” which I would like, well dragged up Brit that I am.
Using these chats plays an audio of it as well, voiced by an angry sounding young woman; a bit out of place as I am, and play as a man. Not the end of the world.

Vehicle boost is welcome; it’s not massively faster than top speed but it gets you going a bit more quickly. It doesn’t run out either as far as I could tell which seems odd for a nitro in a game.
You also get a map icon for your vehicle when you get out so that you don’t lose it, as in Knives Out.

Gameplay wise that’s all I’ve seen so far in my 2 matches. Didn’t flip a bike, didn’t see dusk and didn’t try arcade mode (but will; sounds good for a quick blast).
Training mode would be handy if you are unfamiliar with any of the weapons.

Back of house, the big change is that you can now spend money. I bought a few quids worth of currency simply because it only seemed fair given how much I play but I imagine that’ll be my lot.
If you have duplicates of clothing you can sell them back for silver fragments which can be exchanged for a short daily changing list of items. I was receiving 1-5 fragments per item and the items were 60+ fragments to buy. You can only sell duplicates; you can’t sell your last 1 of an item. This annoys me slightly as I only care about what I’m wearing; once I have the least conspicuous outfit that’s all I want. Others may be a bit more of a completionist and happy to end up with one of everything.
I quite fancy the camo trousers but apart from that my current outfit is fine; dark and plain.

I’m sure there’s plenty of further little details that will become apparent down the line but so far it’s a great update to the game I play the most by far at the moment.

There’s always something to wait for of course. 0.5 will bring the desert map Miramar apparently. A new map is of course a very exciting prospect and it sounds good.

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Yesterday, 09:29 PM
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As a fellow Brit I feel it is my duty to keep you company Meta, I am also enjoying the update and play daily.

The auto open doors option is good if you just want to loot a place quickly.

Its my first taste of a Battle Royale game and I dont see me playing anything else any time soon.

I also favour the low key approach with the exception of the face scarf I got for my first purchase. As you said, worth throwing some money the devs way to fund updates.

A new map would be excellent.
Today, 01:53 AM
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I’ll get the kettle on.

I haven’t tried auto-door yet. I try to avoid doors and go through windows whenever possible, just in case. (I’ve only recently realised that you can jump out of an upstairs 1st floor window without taking damage. Ultra handy).
I’ve got my turbo door open/move/close down too; should try auto for one game though.

One thing I should clarify; nitro does have a cost. It consumes fuel faster than usual rather than having a separate “nitro tank”. Came to this realisation in a boat a fair way from shore....

Edit: I’ve sent you a friend request btw. I assume it’s you anyway; I could only find one TheVimFuego.

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