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Stickman Soccer 2018 (by Djinnworks)

04-16-2018, 11:36 AM
Stickman Soccer 2018 will come with various divisions including 7 leagues, 6 season and the worldcup. When you start such a division you select your team and you will use this team until you finished this division. (you can start multiple divisions and always play quick games with any team you want).

(League select)

Using the team manager you can customise each team (including team name, logo) and each player (player name, player no and the actual associated player character).

(Team customization)

(Edit player attributes)

(Get new and better players)

So yes, we have player names and you can fully customise almost anything. You can chose from more than 50 different characters and deploy them to any position you want, customise their attributes, customise the entire team and just build your dream team.
04-23-2018, 10:58 AM
Stickman Soccer 2018 Beta Invite is now open. If you want to participate for either iOS or Android please register at http://www.djinnworks.at/stickmansoccer18

Youtube link | Pop Up

As soon as the beta is ready we will notify you via a mail with details about how to get the first beta release.