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07-28-2015, 05:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Fio View Post
Is anyone else loosing interest in this game?
I went on a lengthy hiatus, and only recently started playing again. Since I've cleared all the new v1.29 content my sortie points are only good for grinding MSP, but it's still fun to earn a few medals here and there via online battles. There's always another update on the horizon, ready to chew them up...

That said, I would like to see some sort of "daily challenge" added, for those who have all the POWs freed and base upgrades purchased. Re-gathering POWs in a random world area each day, for example, in exchange for an extra daily login bonus or something (medals preferred - all other bonuses are pretty useless once you've cleared everything, so I'm sitting on dozens of AP Maxes & so on).

You're just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me :P

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07-28-2015, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by xmani3k View Post
I lost interest in the game back in April. Now I play 3-4 matches a day, sometimes more, but often the opposite is less.
Yes, same. I think it's mainly because I found another game to play which I like (Iron Desert), but also because of how long it takes for them to release updates (sometimes once a month). I don't like the inconsistency.

Yesterday, 08:11 AM
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Strange today is Thursday and did not come update for ios. Sale until July 31, and it would be very unfriendly towards the platform on ios make it impossible to buy new units at a discount. Although I do not care for them, as the parachute is sold without discounts.
Yesterday, 09:53 PM
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ios update out/ Buff

The last two updates have been consistent for ios, hopefully it stays like that for a while. The invader has gotten its standard attack an increase in damage. It's now able to kill a fat zombie with one shot of its maggot bullet as before it would have taken two shots. It also is able to take out tarman with two shots, as in before it would've taken three shots. Testing occurred in world 3, (purple) area 9, stage 1.
Today, 12:21 AM
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lol not even going to bother to go up against someone with the parachute truck.
Today, 06:32 AM
Synchronization problem, which I mistakenly believed to be hacking problem, is still not fixed. Triple giant crab robot opening is not fun SNK.

Parachutruck is beyond OP. Seriously, SNK definitely WANT us to spend medal on this thing. 2v2 is now a grind in all aspect. It also sweeps most of the event mission too.
Today, 07:12 AM
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With new update and many new units, new strategy is needed. Before the last update I won +50 games without losing a single one (not joking nor exaggerating). I just played against a player with Parachute, Big John, Iron ISO, sand wall (all to protect his base) and Morden boss and Mars Brain to attack my base from far. I was decimated.

Now my opinion about new units:

- New Helicopter (blue Hi-DO):
Unit takes a lot of time to attack. Not worth it in my deck.

- Ring Laser Mecha (red):
I used the previous Ring Laser before so I loved the idea of having a stronger one. Triple cost/HP and his special shoots 5 ring-laser attacks (instead of two from the weaker unit). I like it. Only draw back is that it takes more time to build the unit.

- Elephant Battery:
Like the other Elephant, normal attack sucks and only useful for his special. Instead of the cannonball, it shoots straight and far. It deals a good damage and piercing makes a unit I want to test more.

- Parachute:
That's the new unit everyone is talking about. Haven't tried strategies yet but the impression I have is that avoiding aerial and melee units, there's a chance to fight another player with parachute.

Game changed a lot so testing, testing and more testing.