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Originally Posted by rich_952000 View Post
Ooh...oooh..*raises hand* I wanna talk!

Just my 1 1/2 cents but I'm personally befuddled by those who complain, berate and otherwise rant about older devices not processing newer software. I'm not just referring to the above incident. We all see this over and over again on the AppStore, but especially here on TA. Anytime you look at a new release thread within the first five posts you can expect to see this; "Duz it play on an iPhone fore!!?". You also always see people who insist it BETTER be compatible with iOS v. 4.3 or whatever other version they refuse to give up for god knows what reason.

If you aren't willing to get with the times you should expect to get left behind, period. Why should a developer have to spend countless hours digging through dozens of iOS versions and a dozen, outdated iPhones, iPads and iTouches just to please the few stubborn/cheap/lazy people who have to be difficult?

Anyway, OT, still playing Mikey Boots quite often and really just a big fan of the franchise altogether. Sorry Mike to hear that the launch didn't go as well as expected, hope it wasn't too bad though as I'd imagine continued promotional efforts might be helpful.
Sorry for taking this train even more off of the tracks, but I'll just respond to your post as someone who only upgraded to iOS 7 2 weeks ago

If you look at it reasonably, there are 2 main reasons why people don't upgrade the iOS they're running

1)The OS to upgrade to brings a worse performance for their device. This was where I stood. This is an issue that is probably most prevalent with the jump from iOS 6 to 7, but its been present throughout iOS history really. Whilst the new OS brings in a number of new things which continues on going in the background (for example, multi-tasking, notification center, control center), these new features need to consistently use a part of the CPU and/or RAM, meaning there would be less spare for applications being used. By not upgrading, you wont get these new features using up parts of the processor, leaving more room spare in those areas for video games.
With video games which need to use quite a lot of the processor and RAM to run, these new features added in the new OS could end up causing the game to crash a lot more or not even run. However, with the old OS, the game is able to run without any issues. Developers can optimize the app so it can keep this performance level, but that's going to take more work. Take Abducted's launch for an example of this. When it came to the launch period, the developers decided that if they were to optimize the games for A5 devices running iOS 7, they wouldn't make launch. Instead, they released the game saying the game wouldn't work on those devices running iOS 7 but they would work on the same devices running iOS 6. Eventually, they managed to work in support for those devices running iOS 7. The devs let people who could play the game do that, and people who couldn't were eventually able to later on.
Personally, I haven't seen any different performance issues when running games (then again, I haven't really played games which need high performance since I upgraded), but I have noticed with multi-tasking that my apps are needing to reload more and more than when I had iOS 6 installed.

2)They just aren't able to upgrade to the next iOS because they can't afford to get a better device. Why don't they simply purchase a brand new device? Simple answer, really. It isn't feasible for them to do that at the current time. I still use my iPod Touch 4th Gen everyday, and whilst I use my iPad 2 to game way more than I do with that, I still use my iPod Touch to play games in little downtime during the day, games like Unblock Me or Boson X. It still doesn't have a lot of support for games I'd rather have on it though like Threes. Why don't I just simply buy one of the new iPhones then? Because I don't have the money to do that. It's starting to become a similar situation with my iPad as well. There's two ways I could go. The first is to completely stop paying for iOS games and just save up money until I get enough money to purchase a new iDevice, or I keep on asking developers to put in support for the older devices.
It's not that people are too cheap to go off and buy a new device, it's that they aren't able to do so in the first place. There are people who can go out and pick up every single iDevice that releases each year, but that doesn't mean there are others who can only afford to pick one up every couple of years or so, and even then it may be a device that's a year older. Not everyone is able to spend a load of money on games and then buy new hardware straight afterwards.

These posts can end up being annoying, I do agree (and I disapprove of me constantly going to game threads and complaining about iOS 7 requirements when games were starting to implement them last year), but it can be their only way of actually getting the developers to notice this issue. It's rather simple to scroll past it without giving notice to it, a mental blockage if you will, and it can lead to some good conversation with developers. To be fair, people would probably end up being less aggressive if people weren't so aggressive or disrespectful to them in the first place (looking at you, Eli), and if developers would give them answers that they want. It's not like you're talking with some deranged person, you don't know whether they're willing to have a reasonable conversation or not until you actually give it a shot.

But yeah, to draw it back to Mikey Boots. Good platformer, but probably the worst out of the Mikey games (that isn't really saying much other than the quality of the Mikey games is rather high). I've got props to the devs for trying to make the audience as wide as they possibly can, and for them willing to go back to hardware like the iPod Touch 4 and get it working at playable rates.
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Originally Posted by nightc1 View Post
[...]There are currently only 36 levels in the main game. I finished 21 out of 36 levels with all coins & stars. [...]
I guess you simply stopped playing this game too soon.
There are 42 levels (including the bonus levels) and if you wanna get it "harder" you have to play the last ones (especially the last 3 bonus levels ... i am still trying to get through bonus level 5 without being "hit" by the spiky walls
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