App description: Evil force invaded the relic in the mountain. Darkness began to spread. A brave young man, equipped with his familys unique mounted archery skills, rides into the mountains to battle against the mysterious demons.

"Its downright elegant in its presentation and gameplay. Dont miss this one." ~ Jim Squires (Gamezebo) - (5 / 5)

"This isn't a novelistic game. It's poetic. It doesn't say much, but it says it with quiet elegance." ~ David Clarke (Touch Arcade) - (4.5 / 5)

"A Ride Into the Mountains overcomes a few small rough spots to offer a challenging, intriguing, evocative, and memorable adventure of horseback archery with a stellar minimalist aesthetic." ~ Richard Moss (MacLife) - (4.5 / 5)

"As understated as just about every aspect of A Ride into the Mountains might be, everything comes together to craft a truly impressive experience." ~ Rob Rich (148Apps) - (4 / 5)

"'A Ride into the Mountains' is a beautiful, challenging adventure" ~ Andrew Webster (The Verge)

"Lovely visuals, a great soundtrack, and fun controls all go to pulling you into the story A Ride into the Mountains wants to tell you." ~ Hamza Aziz (Destructoid)

"A Ride into the Mountains is fairly unique and it is hard to compare it to other games in the genre." ~ Lory Gil (iDownloadBlog)

"Beautiful music, breathtaking scenery, a touching story, and some boss battles that are surprisingly intricate." ~ John Bardinelli (JayIsGames)

"A Ride into the Mountains is a picturesque, archery-based, epic adventure" ~ John Polson (

"There are no jaw-dropping graphics and not a single polygon to be found, but the washed-out look of the ultra-basic visuals fits the zen-minded nature of the game perfectly." ~ Mike Wehner (TUAW)

lekochen's comments:

I'm proud to present my first iOS / Android game - A Ride into the Mountains.

It is a retro style action game about a young man, his mounted archery skills and his mystical journey into the mountains.

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Enjoy your ride!
01-29-2014, 06:53 AM
The color-changing dudes... How do I defeat them? They just rebirth themselves every time I shoot them.
03-13-2014, 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by OrangeJews View Post
The color-changing dudes... How do I defeat them? They just rebirth themselves every time I shoot them.
As far as I remember you have to hit them when they are small and/or changing their shape. When you "focus" you'll notice that the impact of the arrow creates a small "cloud" around the tip of the arrow. If the cloud can reach the core of the enemy it will be destoyed.

But don't recall EXACTLY. I am having a hard time to beat the final boss :-(
07-28-2014, 11:03 AM
I finally got this and while I'm only on the third level, I can say without a doubt that A Ride Into The Mountains is an absolute gem of an IOS game that deserves to be played.

The pixel art style is atmospheric and wonderful to look at, and combined with the excellent music, delivers a fantastic artistic experience. The gameplay is just polished and enjoyable as the art. You guide your horse by tilting, fire arrows Angry Birds style; sounds simple, but between the very varied and inventive enemies, and the plethora of projects they fire, A Ride Into The Mountains reveals itself to be a challenging action shooter, as you deftly avoid attacks, shoot projectiles out of the air, and precisely time and aim your shots.

A Ride Into The Mountains is an excellent game, a visual journey that also offers fun exciting action. I can't recommend this game enough.
10-21-2014, 01:27 AM
Finally it got an iOS8 update, previously the game won't launch.

Beautiful work with relaxing ambiance but challenging gameplay.

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