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iPhone: Puzzle Quest Chapters 1 & 2

10-29-2013, 07:09 PM
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Originally Posted by dammskog View Post
those greedy 💩💩💩💩ing bastards

tried to redownload on my new 5s and cant find it
only fremiium pay to win puzzle quest 2
You assign greed to their motivations but let's be honest here-- it was released in December 2008 (nearly FIVE YEARS AGO) and was last updated to be compatible for iOS5 and was pulled from the store in 2012. I'm sure that converting PQ2 to freemium did have something to do with the decision, but it was also a very old game by mobile standards.

Apart from mega blockbusters like Angry Birds, few of my 1st gen iPhone games work on current devices and operating systems.