App description: Frantic Flight proposes a swift scape through running and jumping levels, set in outer space,
advancing in both side-scrolling view and back third person view, which switch randomly,
along a way, where many obstacles will be trying to prevent players from reaching a safe place, far from a deadly sphere which threatens them.

In outer space, no one can hear you scream... but you can RUN!!!
Running through a lonely enviroment, your only possibility of survival is to run and run, until you get to a transport ship, where you can get safe,... for some time...

Drakhar Studio's comments:

In space no one can hear you scream… but you can RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!
Calling all the station crew! The main reactor is about to collapse and the system will not hold for long!
Put on your spacesuits and fly out of here!
New version 1.02 Launched!

As we promise Frantic Flight goes HD.

We had improve all graphic and models quality to give a great experience of game in IPad and IPhone 4

Enjoy the game!

We all know that dark times call for heroic actions. But it is not the case this time. The star of Distormia is about to explode for unknown reasons, and honestly, we cannot wait to get the hell outta here! Help our heroes Lek Koll, Ceal Dix and Rash as they run for their lives in a fabulous action, run and jump game that combines 2D and 3D with an innovative camera system.

Experience the thrill of an audacious (albeit inglorious) escape through exploding supernovas, out-of-control security droids and an automated security system composed of moving platforms, treacherous spikes, ray-barrier gates and a lot of other traps that will make every meter a challenge.

Running like a bat out of hell has never been so fun!
  • Drakhar Studio’s first release. This is just the beginning!
  • 3 different heroes to discover, each with different stats and gameplay strategies.
  • Play story mode or unlock the endless arcade mode so the fun will never end.
  • Compare your scores to the best players in the galaxy with our online multiplatform system.
  • Tones of additional content and updates for free

Frantic Flight may be downloaded from
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Funny how both of you just "happen" to be online today since you only post in this thread and it's been inactive for over a month. Hmmm... funny indeed.
Yup... Just sad. If you wanna bump your games thread, post some info about an up-coming update, post a YouTube vid, make up a special day and drop in to say "happy bubblegum lovers day!"...

Shill accounts are a huge turn off... And generally end up harming players views of your game instead if building up interest.

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