App description: Big Action Mega Fight! is a classic-style beat 'em up/brawler game with a modern twist! Hilarious cartoon fighting action meets incredibly fluid touch-screen controls, designed from the ground up for smartphones and tablets.

Megatropolis is overrun with vicious criminal gangs and it's up to Brick Strongarm and his killer moustache to save the city!


"Double Stallion is clearly paying homage to a simpler time of gaming. A time when you could tell a man was a real man because he was wearing a cut-off denim jacket and studded leather gloves."

"Theres no denying the primal charm that comes from a scrolling beat-em-up, and Big Action Mega Fight! achieves this with aplomb."



- Punch your way through over 35 stages of non-stop fighting action
- Upgrade your fighter and learn new special attacks like: Fistnado, Orbital Punch, Poultry Rain, and more
- Intuitive touch-based controls will make you forget you ever needed a controller to play fighting games
- Luscious hand-drawn sprite animation and varied detailed environments
- Gripping dramatic storyline
- Bodacious soundtrack that'll make you wish it was still 1989

- iOS controller support
- iCloud support
- Game Center achievements and leaderboards
- Optimized for iOS 8


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Best played on iPhone 4S+, iPad 2+ and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Big Action Mega Fight! is the perfect compliment to your arsenal of mobile games!

12-20-2014, 04:41 AM
Originally Posted by TreeHouse View Post
Are there still timers? I could deal with the controls but the timers would be an issue. Mainly because I'm not a very good gamer anymore.
There are still missions with timers and require a certain combo chain to three star. Honestly, this game isn't great. The art style is cool, but the controls are off, and the combat gets dull quick. Not to mention the story is boring and every mission feels the same- this game has no set pieces or bosses. If you want a better swiped based fighter for cheap, try mutant fridge mayhem, or best park in the universe.
12-20-2014, 04:57 AM
To be clear, there are not any wait timers. There are levels which have to be completed within a set time limit, but you can retry them as often as you want.

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