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Yesterday, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by Grist View Post
This is the most enjoyable soccer game I've played for iOS devices. My only concern is that the AI is easy to beat; I've played ten games and haven't lost once. Despite this, the fun factor remains high and the graphics are pleasing.
Yeah, it was originally harder but I made the lowest league a bit easier so beginners can get into it. Maybe I've made it too easy now. How many goals are you scoring each game?

It should start getting harder once you get promoted to the higher leagues with the harder teams.
Yesterday, 03:31 PM
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I've been scoring between 3 and 7 goals per game. The AI opponent hasn't scored any goals.
Yesterday, 03:51 PM
That does sound a tad easy.

The lowest league is a bit of a training mode at the moment, although it does get harder further into the game I promise. To win the Premier League I had to score last minute winners in several matches.