The Jump: Escape The City (3D runner like you've never seen before - universal)

03-21-2013, 06:49 AM
The Jump: Escape The City (3D runner like you've never seen before - universal)

Hi all,

First things first, we're Gone Gaming, the developers of this crazy game...

We're a small indie studio from Dublin, Ireland and our first free-to-play game 'The Jump: Escape The City' has just landed on The App Store!

It's a take on the runner genre, but with an ending, and you can play a full game in the time it takes to listen to one song. It features rich 3D graphics and a soundtrack by Grammy Award winner DJ Poet. Think Temple Run, in a hovercar, after too much Red Bull

The setting is a dark futuristic city, cut off from the rest of the world after a mysterious worldwide earthquake. The city is now controlled by World Corp who have outlawed fun and sent their evil mob to break up public gatherings.

Your character is a DJ fleeing a party in a pimped out hover car, being chased to the edge of town, hoping that the rumours about a way to escape at the end of the road are true.

Each game starts with you cruising down a broken highway, trying to collect power cells and survive until the end of the road. Track is randomly generated, but from a bank of hand-crafted sections, so the gameplay flows nicely and there's a fair challenge. There's optional powerups which affect various aspects of the game - they can be added at the start of each run.

A game can be completed in less than 5 minutes but it's not easy, and once you escape there's much more to the game including achievements to unlock, national and world leaderboards, and in-depth scoring system to suit casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Hope you like it!

Here's the game site:

Here's the App Store link:
03-25-2013, 07:24 AM
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+1 to this. Im on 6.1.2... and if that is the problem, easiest way for me is to just ignore this game.
Thanks for the info - if the wifi bug is the problem its out of our control - other apps also affected but it seems sporadic. We have lots of players with no problems on iPad2, a couple who found the upgrade fixed it. We're still working to identify a fix independent of OS version.
05-24-2013, 03:26 PM
The Jump: Escape The City Hits 500,000 Games, Major Update Released

Hi All!

After many months of feedback, testing and tweaking we've logged over 500,000 games and released a major update!
  • Re-coded control system with new user options
  • Tweaked game difficulty, speed and track design
  • New ‘Rescue Me’ feature
  • Huge in-game discounts

If you're late to the party, The Jump: Escape The City has been described as 'Temple Run meets Wipeout'.


We're re-launching this weekend, give it a shot!

Here's the game site:

Here's the App Store direct link: