**InsideMobileApps: "The game exudes charm. The anthropomorphic vehicles have a great deal of visual character without taking the easy approach and ripping off the characters in Pixars Cars movie."

**148 Apps: "Plenty of games have clever designs and plenty more have clever writing. Car Toons! is fortunate enough to have both."

Clear the Road with a Wicked 80s Rescue Squad
After more than a decade of service, the CAR TOONS have been written off as scrap metal. However, today an emergency call from the government brings them back into action! Gangster Cars are all around and terrorizing the streets. This situation requires some serious measures, which only the CAR TOONS and their "unconventional" methods can deliver.

Equipped with awesome Super Powers
The CAR TOONS never leave a garage without some decent new equipment. Use it wisely to ram all the baddies off the screen. Solve over 100 cleverly designed missions. Outwit the gang and serve up some sweet justice!


++ Lightning Fast 180 Turns.
++ Rocket Engine Turbo Boost
++ Super Jump


- 100+ Missions and Never-Before-Seen Gameplay
Solve over 100 unique levels and challenges with fresh physic-based gameplay.

- Three Different Characters
Control three completely different vehicles each with its own special abilities and personality

- Hilarious Art Style and Story Telling
Enjoy an entertaining cartoon art style and some of the funniest "one-liners" since the 80s

- Justice at your Fingertip
Use pinpoint accurate touch screen controls

- Challenge the World
Make your way to the top position on the leader boards and unlock dozens of achievements

Sanuku's comments:

08-15-2012, 12:43 PM
Yeah, got it. I swear I tried that a bunch of times and couldn't get the ambulance tire to catch upside down... Oh well, it works now.

Ran into another "bug" though - even though all the levels are completed, my score shows 0 for several of the packs... any ideas why?
05-14-2013, 04:33 AM
Game Impressions

How to finished lvl 105 in car Toons???
05-14-2013, 06:55 PM
Car toons level 105

The Infamous level 105! After searching around, I couldn't find any posts on how to complete this. So for the OCD of it, I finally figured it out.
1st- use the Fire truck, start/stop quickly and he will end up, upside down left of the tire.
Next, Drop the wooden platform on top of it and also click off the platform the fire truck was on.
Use the ambulance to push the black car and ambulance onto the platform and stop.
Click on the upside down fire truck, his wheels will move the platform with cars all the way to the right. Push the black car off to the right, the ambulance will auto-turnaround , NOW quickly activate his special move. He will end up in his parking spot to the far left. If done quickly you will get all 3 stars.
03-19-2015, 06:33 PM
Can anyone help me with level 106

Completely addicted to this game but pulling hair out with level 106.

Any hints please


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