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04-28-2015, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by biokid View Post
The first multiplayer game set in the iconic Galaxy on Fire universe! Forge strong alliances with confederates from all over the world & collaborate or compete with thousands of other players in real-time! ]

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances puts you in the role of an up-and-coming Commander of the Terrans, Nivelians or Vossk. Determined to claim and conquer a hitherto uncharted part of the galaxy known as the Shroud Nebula, you will set out to seek fame and fortune beyond the final frontier. Starting your operations from within your private home system, you will soon breach into a vivid galaxy with over 400,000 individual planets and challenge thousands of players in an epic quest for space dominion.

To stand your ground in the hostile yet promising new environment, you will have to forge a strong alliance and assist one another in colonization, expansion and warfare. Trade resources, exchange intelligence reports and conceive conjoined attack strategies and defense plans. Show your enemies the power of allegiance and prevail in epic space battles with dozens of participants!

The first Multiplayer Game set in the GOF universe
Easy-to-access Alliance and PvP gameplay
Specifically designed for Mobile Use on Touch Devices
High-end 3D Graphics and spectacular visual effects
A whole Universe in Pocket Size

# # # TRUST THE MEDIA # # #
With high-end 3D graphics and captivating co-op gameplay, Galaxy on Fire - Alliances sets new standards for sci-fi strategy MMOs on smartphones and tablets. And the press loves it, claiming that it marks a potentially rich source of war stories (Modojo) that will very clearly be raising the bar for these types of games (iMore).

Heres a number of essential sources and places-to-go for avid GOFA players. Check them out and get in touch with the Fishlabs staff as well as thousands of other Commanders!

GOFA-Website: http://www.gofalliances.com/
Fishlabs-Website: http://www.fishlabs.net/
Fishlabs-Forums: http://forums.fishlabs.net/en/
Fishlabs-Support: https://support.fishlabs.net/
GOF-Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/galaxyonfire/
GOFA-Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gofalliances/
Fishlabs-Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/fishlabs
Privacy Policy: http://www.fishlabs.net/en/privacy/

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances works on iPhone 4S (or higher), iPad 2 (or higher), iPad mini and iPod touch 5G. To run properly, it requires an active network connection as well as iOS6 (or higher). While the game itself is completely free-to-play, you can also make use of various in-app purchases. If you do not want to leverage these extra offers, please deactivate in-app purchases in your devices setting.


Note: This game is soft launching (open beta) in 14 countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The graphics look totally amazing... Hoping it won't make my old iPad 2 crash and burn!
04-28-2015, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by dreams View Post
The graphics look totally amazing... Hoping it won't make my old iPad 2 crash and burn!
This game came out two years ago lol, I'm sure you're fine.