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06-03-2015, 03:55 PM
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Update is out!
06-03-2015, 04:15 PM
One of my favorite games. Updating now !
06-03-2015, 04:23 PM
Those looking for better pathfinding will be disappointed. I'm actually just as glad that he didn't change that algorithm, because it would've made for a different game. Can't wait to mess with the new modes. Also, there are a few new sound effects. You'll see me on the weekly leaderboard as "spblat" pretty near the top.

Edit: wow, fast minions! 👍

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06-14-2015, 09:03 AM
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Despite not being a fan of real-strategy games, I came to truly appreciate this game. It is a great introduction to the said genre and is an ideal game for anyone who might be interested in RTS but found the genre too intimidating (as I did) to learn to master.

Some of the missions are also very clever, such as the mission to extract more then 140 materials in a single round and the mission to last more than 10 waves without building quarters. This is because they require very specific and clever ways to build your station and to leverage the given bonuses by researching the monoliths.

For me, the relatively short campaign is NOT a drawback but a strength of this game. I find RTS games to be too taxing because the play sessions are often too long and too repetitive. This game distills down to only the core elements that make RTS games great and fun to play. The lack of micro-managing is a recognized but necessary trade-off and does not bother me as much, as implementing such feature will destroy the minimalistic approach intended by the game. My only disappointment is the suboptimal AI (badly behaving minions), though I noted that some of the minions' bad behaviors (such as stealing food from quarters to build a room instead of making more minions) are actually intended by the developer.

Absolutely recommended, even for a non-RTS fan like me!

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