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Old 08-18-2014, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by sugimulm View Post
I see your point and agree, but sometimes it sucks when it happens a lot, just frustrated, when you are the receiving end sometimes, lol.
Everything that PSJ said is right.....and sorry I've not seen the replies to this thread....

This race to the bottom has not been healthy for most indies. Waiting on 99c does nothing for serious devs wanting to self publish on mobile and to bring you more games quickly. Most indies - don't fully understand the F2P business model and although you can learn it - you're eventually faced with the question - want type of business do we want to be? Analytics driven or Game Design driven?

For Playrise, we want to be making 'games for gamers'. The sad reality is that most people on mobile are not real gamers. You guys are an exception rather than a rules and we know you want high quality software at a decent price. No tricks. But the economics of it aren't good. Our excursion into free has been very interesting from a learning point of view, but not what I would call a commercial success. If we had been able to sell on mobile at $7.99 or 5.00 (like the vita version) it would have made a lot more sense given the numbers, but then of course the bulk of the mobile audience (I'm not gonna call them gamers) wouldn't buy it because "Its too expensive". So there you have it - the reason the Top Gross chart is locked up with F2P and paid-apps can't get a good footing - its because the bulk of the audience are not real gamers - they are just looking for the next distraction or they have everything they need on their phone already. Interesting read here....


I suspect, this is having negative impact on the store holders themselves - less apps being downloaded. Its been interesting to see quality paid apps appearing at sensible prices - Monster Hunter Freedom etc but, it's a little too late in my view. Until Paid-Apps are selling in sensible volumes again on the various stores, we simply can't make it our leading platform any more. Until then, we'll be looking at indie-friendly consoles, pc/steam and then mobile/AndroidTV.

We'll always want to bring our games to mobile - of course - you guys are important to us and probably the reason we're still in business, but just from a business perspective, we need to recoup the investment made during development and that means selling to paying gamer's who value our work.

We have good stuff in the pipeline - but we need to hit an audience that actually appreciates it and doesn't just sit there waiting for it to jump to the bargain basement or go free.

The public will end up deciding if mobile is a valid platform for gaming. Gamers need to unite and buy paid titles in volume if they want to see flourish. Its the only way to save it from rotting in a f2p fad hell in my humble opinion

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