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Road Dancer - Multiplayer dancing party game by O.P.Neon Games

02-13-2018, 01:13 PM
Road Dancer - Multiplayer dancing party game by O.P.Neon Games

Hi guys, for my 3rd game, I'm working on a multiplayer dancing party game which the main idea is to steal the spotlight from your opponent and perform your dance moves in the middle of a busy road.

Currently, the game is still in early alpha stage, but I hope to have players to test out the game's network capability as well as the gameplay mechanics. The plan is to get feedback from players as early as possible so I could improve on the game based on everyone's feedback.

The game will find player for you automatically in multiplayer 1v1 mode, or simply just check out the singleplayer mode to play around with it. If anyone's interested, please message me your email and I will send out the Testflight invitation to you.

Hold left screen : Move Left
Hold right screen : Move Right
Tap both screen : Jump

Bugs will appear, so feel free to post your comments or bug report here.


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