[PROMO CODES] Dice Quest - 3D Puzzle/Arcade Game

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[PROMO CODES] Dice Quest - 3D Puzzle/Arcade Game

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There are 3 very simple rules:
1. Make sure the sum of the highest completed row of dice is less than the sum of the row beneath it.
2. Dice with more faces will “jump over” those with fewer faces to stay on top of their columns: this can start a chain reaction of dice swapping positions! You have to forecast the end of these swaps!
3. A row is completed once all of the available spaces in that row are occupied by dice. In advanced levels the pillars, on which the dice rest, raise themselves in a uniform or irregular way (making differences in height). This increases the game’s difficulty.

In Dice Quest, you play with simple one-finger movements:
- drag the falling die left, right or down
- swipe down with a single gesture for a fast placement

You will come across dice with special powers that make the game even more compelling and unpredictable!
These special dice cast magic bolts on their column affecting the other dice!

Get it here: [url]http://bit.ly/DiceQuest[/url]

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More info on my web site: [url]www.onyxflame.com[/url]
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