App description: Climb to the top of the Mountain in this original endless-runner-like game that's actually not endless at all! Swing around an outcrop and time your release to aim, collect all fellow heroes and help them return to their homeland.


* One-button controls
* Unique swing mechanic
* Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay
* Seven carefully crafted heroes and worlds to explore


*NO adds
*NO in-app purchases
*NO notifications
*NO social functions

Just the pure game like in the 90s :)


It is an absolute blast ... Its easy-to-learn-but-difficult-to-master gameplay, beautiful graphics, challenging environments, and rich selection of ambient sounds have gelled together into one of the most enjoyable and pure gaming experiences I've had on a mobile device, one that all gamers will enjoy.

David Craddock | (4/5 stars)


What a wonderful game! ... This is what could be made if we had our way and it feels so good! Everything down to the theme song is pitched perfectly as a family-friendly game that really deserves to be held in front of every major iOS gaming company as an epitome of what I want to see.

Pete Ozzy |


Cloudbreakers is a brilliantly focused perpetual climber with a fun swing mechanic. It just needs some fleshing out in order for it to really make an impact.

Jon Mundy | (BRONZE MEDAL)


With all these amazing features it was extremely hard for me not to purchase it and for $0.99 I highly recommend heading over to the iTunes App Store and buying your copy immediately!

Sean Cravener |

nostalgia dev.'s comments:
Hi there! I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jan Tomasik and I worked as lead level designer at Disney Mobile on the games like Toy Story Smash It!, Tron, Thor or the upcoming SW: CCG.
Few months ago I left my well paid job and started looking for other job. Why? Because I didn't want to participate anymore in creating content that would be monetized the way Disney's executives decided to. Those who played Where's my Water 2 and experienced horrendous monetization systems it contains know what I am talking about.

So my girlfriend and I decided to conduct a little experiment and developed a small game that tries to capture the essence and fun of endless runners games, but lack any of the thing we thought are unfair to players.

And we developed Cloudbreakers.
  • Game that plays like endless runner, but can be finished and won.
  • Is approachable and easy to play, but unforgiving and challenging.
  • Doesn't rip off likeness or mechanics of other successful games, but instead offers unique game mechanic.
  • Has unlockable characters that CANNOT be purchased.
  • DOES NOT contain in app purchases.
  • DOES NOT bother you with notifications and advertisements.
  • DOES NOT force you buy HD version for iPad
  • And instead of pretending to be free, costs one dollar, but that's all you'll ever pay.

+ game trailer

This is something we probably wouldn't be able to greenlight at Disney and everyone would laugh at us. But we are believers. We honestly think that there's still enough people willing to play such game. That would gladly pay one dollar to get rid off all this freemium nonsense.

So here we are, asking for your attention and support, because we don't want to pay for reviews either. As I said - it was an experiment, whether you can still do things the right way and survive.

So if you would kindly take a look at our game and give it a try or spread the word at least, we'd be really grateful.

We've also registered twitter account, so if you want to keep in contact and know how will our experiment turns out, feel free to follow us there: [!]htt...m/nostalgiadev

We've added demo version playable in web browser. All you need is unity plugin (but i hope it's by default in every browser)
03-23-2014, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by Echoen View Post
Why isn't the game available in all countries? It's not available in Asia Pacific.
It's due to taxes. Apple won't take care of them for us in those regions and we are too small to handle them just by ourselves we are really sorry, we know it sucks, it harms our profits as well. If you live in country where it is impossible to legaly buy our game, we don't mind if you get it some other way.)

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