App description: Remember a long time ago when fighting games were fun and had good controls?

Blackmoor ditches the virtual DPad and features fast paced platformer action with combos, special moves and tons of boss fights. A game of ghosts, goblins and streetfighting from the old school.

Long ago the minions of the dark lord Blackmoor forged a Talisman that would, when the time was right, return him to human form and... i dunno... take over the world for no reason.... It was kept in the depths of hell until a valiant band of crusaders stole it. Your mission is to destroy the talisman before the instruments of death reach you.

Beat the game and find out:
- Each characters story and ending
- Does Old Ben die and why do they call him "Only One Kenobi?"
- does Scarlett get the girl? and what do they do?
- does Blackmoor conquer earth? if so, does he just chill afterwards?

- 7 heroes with unique moves, weapons and magic
- Nice smooth controls
- 16 unique maps, 20 unforgettable bosses
- 57 enemies (each their own wife, kids and dreams)
- Random weapons, armor, pets
- BOSS v BOSS (place your bets)
- Incredible atmospheric music by Matthew Pablo
- Retina Display universally for iPad 2+ & iPhone5

- iPhone 4S/ iPad2 and above

This game does contain a few in-apps, but all content is unlockable through gameplay. Feel free to rate, share with others and drop us a comment, we read everything.

If you're having weird multi-touch issues, this usually
does the trick, go to:

Settings >General > Accessibility > Zoom > Turn Off

- Those other 2 bosses

- Mutiplayer (team) arena fighting game.

Matthew Pablo is an incredible composer that we had the pleasure to work with. If you want to hear more passionate pieces go check out his site, and even drop him a line.. he's cool dude
05-28-2014, 05:42 AM
The best pet could be Scratch, Blackbeak, Monkey, or Blossom, depending on the situation and your character.

Scratch is the most straightforward; good damage, always effective. If you have a special that launches enemies high up, it can juggle for a long time. Blackbeak is useful for how the missiles interrupt enemy actions and set up a combo. If you have a combo-friendly character like Clementine or Raven, or a ranged character like Scarlett, it's probably the most useful overall. There's a reason those are the hardest pets to get.

Monkey drops little pebbles, like a smaller version of Bearwolf's avalanche. It's great for interrupting actions, holding enemies still, and crowd control thanks to its huge attack range. Monkey's biggest weakness is that it always hangs out WAY to your right, so it's useless if you're on the right side of the screen. Still my favorite partner for Toby though, since you'll be watching your position all the time anyway.

Blossom is like a weaker but more versatile version of Scratch. Hitting the entire ground is useful, especially in levels with fast/weak enemies like the Mt. Blackmoor natives. Also, sometimes enemies get repeatedly juggled by bunnies, leading to ridiculous combos. However, the real trick to Blossom is that the bunnies don't cause any knockback, so she'll keep firing at bosses without ever pushing them out of range, even after you die. Struggling with Le Ratte or Jon Jacob? Just let them kill you, and Blossom will finish the job.

Toxicus is a good partner for Normal mode, since it does good damage, and 1 poison damage is actually kind of useful against low-HP bosses. I'll buy him if I can't find Puffer or Monkey, but he's not going to be useful for very long.

Boulderite is actually pretty cool for dealing with enemies that run at you. It does high damage per hit, and will take out any weak enemy that gets near you. It's also good for pinning bosses against walls, since it's constantly attacking, and it can help keep annoying bosses like Eagle away from you. It's not a bad choice for before you get Blossom/Blackbeak.

E. Oinka seems useless to me. Just a slow, single-hit attack that doesn't combo easily? Just barely better than the chicken, not worth buying IMO. I haven't used the Burger yet, but if it's the same as Maximus, it probably just heals you. Not very useful most of the time, but I guess it's nice if you want to recharge between Shishima/Eagle or Sabrewuuf/Don Portobello.

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05-29-2014, 10:59 AM
Ok the 1.4 update is out and co op is more stable but still crashes in lobby when a room gets removed from list, u r safer inside a game than hanging out at the lobby. For the bug where u can't move and are stuck to raven, we couldn't reproduce it but I tried to fix it anyway, if u are stuck it should pop you back at the tavern now. There's a bug where you can't buy IAP but luckily u don't really need it to beat the game, so at least the game is 100% free to play whether we like it or not. We will get out another bunch of bug fixes soon! Thanks for bearing with us!
06-18-2014, 08:54 PM
Originally Posted by Darth Ronfar View Post
Having trouble connecting to the coins store? Figured since I'm basically throwing money at you you'd make sure that was working?

Any ideas on what pet to get? I was thinking either the fairy or the dragon?

I'd kinda like to know what they do before shelling out all that money on one I dont like etc..

Hmm.. Ok nvm actually, the Envoy of Death is like unbeatable in Boss vs Boss! I just made tons of money and got 6 different pets and a bunch of cool equitment.

I have to say the Scrath is defininetly the best while Puffer is probly the worst(They actually both do the same thing but Scratch does it way better) He shoots out constant lines of blue flames that do good amount of damge while juggling bad guys in the air.

The next best is probly either Blossom or BlackBeak. Blossom heals you and also forms rainbows and squirrels that can damge enemies.(unfortunatley the healing isn't that much so you would have to wait around awhile to get healed up. BlackBeak the small owl shoots out those homing missle thing at pretty good rate(Mixed together with a ranged attack you can keep enemies at a distance to try to rack up some safe damge)

Next is the Barkers pup which constantly bites enemies(it ok but only does small amounts of Damage and only in front of you)

Last is the pig Oinker that I just got, I'm not quite sure what he does( It looks like he can take out regular enimies pretty well, not sure about bosses?)

As for the ones I don't have there's toxicus(looks like he probly poisons enemies which if he does would be pretty good actually)

The Chicken,hamburger, monkey and boulderite are the other 4 and I have no idea what they do.
woops! trust us to overlook the bug that actually earns us money, turns out that wasnt working since the second version, in v1.5 its been fixed finally and should be out next week along with some crash fixes in the lobby. I should note down little game balancing tweaks next, envoy projectiles lasting too long, jon jacobs whip shoulda been duckable, and hes missing his intro.

Another topic slightly related to this game is the new Smash Boys game we are developing, it will be the fighting part from Blackmoor with tons of characters and a huge campaign like candy crush, each stage is basically a street fight with small maps and the setting is modern.
07-22-2014, 11:24 AM
I may have missed it, but I read through this thread. How the heck do I get past the black ghosts and their acid pits? Argh.
Having great fun with this game though!!

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Does this have cloud save support?

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