App description: UPDATE: You asked for it! New control schemes! Try them all!

The game is beautiful, polished, and naturally has a great soundtrack.

148APPS - 4.5/5
Really, Bit.Trip Run is just an immensely satisfying game. It nails that balance of challenge while not being frustrating.

It may just be the best endless runner on the App Store. Play Bit.Trip Run!, and you wont be disappointed.

As a port, BIT.TRIP RUN! is perfect, standing up to its predecessor while simultaneously meeting the challenge of an entirely new control scheme.

PLEASE READ: This game requires iPad 2, iPhone 4S, 5th Gen iPod Touch and up!

BIT.TRIP RUN! - A rhythm-music platforming game. Run through fantastic environments, using brand new moves, to a rich soundtrack as you run, jump, slide, kick, and soar toward the goal!

"The mobile adaptation of one of the years highest-rated (not to mention World Record-breaking!) PC and console games!"

- 3 gorgeous worlds
- 30 normal levels. Everyone can play!
- 12 Challenge levels. Are you good enough?
- 15 Retro levels. What a blast from the past!
- 8 amazing characters to play as, including a pickled pickle!
- 40 unlockable costumes
- 3 exhilarating Boss battles

Free update coming soon includes:
- 2 additional worlds
- 20 EPIC levels
- 8 more challenging challenges!
- 10 more levels of retro madness!
- 2 boss battles!

BIT.TRIP RUN! - The ultimate sequel to the IGF award-winning game BIT.TRIP RUNNER.

Sanuku's comments:

11-18-2014, 06:16 PM
Originally Posted by audiotaku View Post
Starting to wish the dev would spend as much time working on the two missing worlds as they do fiddling with the price of this game.
Dont go there....your post will be deleted.....

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