App description: Enter the Enchanted Cave, collecting artifacts, stat gems and gold as you fight to reach floor 100! Use the Escape Wings to teleport out and recover, then head back in with powerful artifacts to delve deeper into the cave each time.

Improvements from the flash game:

- User interface completely redone for small touchscreens.
- Tap to move where you want to go with smart pathfinding - you won't walk into a monster unless you tap their exact square.
- Fast-find an item in your inventory by tapping it when you open a chest.
- A "Sell Junk" button in the shop to quickly sell all of your non-artifact, non-potion old equipment.
- Damage and Magic formulas simplified and re-balanced (Attack magic is useful now!).
- Magic window to allow you quickly cast a spell without opening your inventory.
- Potions window to quickly use potions without opening your inventory.
- Saving can be anywhere in the cave to be picked up later. Auto saves each floor.
- Walk on empty gold bags.
- Low-life warning.
- New title screen.
- Higher stairs contrast.
- Faster movement.

Future games / Enchanted Cave 2 updates:

Vovin's comments:

This is a flash game conversion. Has good ratings on Armor Games and Kongregate. More info here:

Since Dustin is also a nice and humble guy, caring for the game, there's just one solution for me. Buying it now.
02-23-2014, 11:12 AM
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At first launch it asked for microphone access. Why?
02-27-2014, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by Collin View Post
At first launch it asked for microphone access. Why?
An older version of adobe air which is the framework the game is made with causes this to appear on iOS7 devices when the first sound is played. I've updated air and uploaded version 1.26 a couple days ago so we just have to wait for Apple to approve the update then this box shouldnt show. The game never uses your microphone.
05-02-2015, 01:54 AM
Question to everyone including the DEV,

Does enchanted cave 1 work on iPhone 6 ver 8.3???

I get into the game but when I try to go down the stairs I get a black screen with footstep sounds. The screen just stays black with this repeated footstep sound.

Is it like this for everyone.

I wanted to go back and play EC1 to hype myself up to buy EC2.

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