25$ US iTunes Gift Card - Just Review a FREE App - only this Weekend!

12-01-2013, 04:24 AM
reviewed all games as MrCooper5 on the US AppStore
12-01-2013, 07:46 AM
reviewed all of them as idaft77 (US Store)

12-01-2013, 08:14 PM
Nice Games

Reviewed both of them. My itunes nickname is "martin schutte" w/o the quotes of course.
12-01-2013, 09:02 PM
I review the game called tiny ones, as llipad111 . I enjoy this app a lot 10x
12-01-2013, 09:36 PM
Reviewed both ipad games on
US App Store name Ramandeep Singh.
12-03-2013, 09:48 AM
Thanks @all for the reviews!

The lucky winner is: kogaa555

Will send you a PM.

And a lot of fun with all games of the contest!
12-03-2013, 03:35 PM
OMG O_o! Thank you very much MSAckermann. Gift card received and redeemed.